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Hey Arnold is one of Nickelodeon's best shows, if not one of the best shows ever made. However, there exists a scary lost episode that was too scary to show to young audiences.

The episode started as usual but then the screen flashed and it quickly cut to Arnold's room where he's crying hyper-realistic blood. He then spoke in a demonic-sounding language that I didn't understand BUT also managed to understand despite not understanding it, he said "I will kill every kid watching this at home!" and it quickly cut to black. The next scene shows the exterior of Gerald's house, Arnold bursts in through the door shouting "I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU RIGHT NOW!" Arnold pulls out a blurry object (which the writers mislead the audience into thinking is a giant lump of poo) and begins shooting his friend with a missile and the whole building explodes with body parts raining everywhere. The scene ends with Arnold talking about fecal matter.

The final act begins with Arnold at the school where through an inner monologue we learn that he put a bomb beneath the school. He starts the timer and quickly runs out of the school, getting out just in time before the school explodes. He lets out a demonic laugh and the episode ends with Arnold looking at the viewer with his dark blue eyes and sinister smile. He utters one phrase that will forever send chills down my spine.


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