Hey Duggee: The Pain Badge

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

Do you know the British animated preschool TV show named Hey Duggee? Well, it is about an dog named Duggee and other 5 anthroponotic animals named Tag, Roly, Happy, Norrie and Betty in a club named The Squirrel Club in various situations and at the end of each situation the Squirrels were given a badge and they get the Duggee Hug, but there was an episode that I watched which was never meant to be shown to the public...

It all started in one fine winter day in 2020, I was watching Hey Duggee on the BBC iPlayer app on my Xbox One S (the narrator of this story lives in the UK, as the story is fake, the narrator of this story didn't live in the UK). After watching The Glasses Badge, some weird episode titled "P41N" started to play.

The episode started with the intro, but the character that was used in the intro was Tag and in the start of the intro I could see him in a red background masturbating in a bathtub, after he got out of the bathtub, I could see his tail and a pair of "buttocks", without even a censor bar pasted on Tag's crotch! I paused and puked at this point and continued watching. After the intro, the title card came up, the background was pitch black, the text was white and lastly the badge was red and grey with a pistol on it, the episode's title was "The Pain Badge" and I was thinking it is an late April Fools joke or something. I continued watching.

The episode began with an view of the clubhouse. After 6 seconds of showing the clubhouse, it cuts to inside where the Squirrels are seen playing with toys, after some 13 seconds of them playing with toys, the camera panned to reveal Duggee sitting on a chair drinking beer and reading a porn magazine, in a preschool show! After Duggee took his first sip of his beer, he then turned to The Squirrels, growled at them as subtitles appeared saying "I can't even talk to strangers with this shit popping up! I'm killing you all for sake!" before he pointed his finger to a badge that was in his shirt, the badge looked like the one from the title card but I could see blood dripping under the badge.

When some 4 seconds passed, it then zoomed out to reveal the same scene as before when Duggee growled, Duggee then picked up a Beretta and shot Roly in the head with it. After Roly was dead, Tag then said "I'm out of here!" in shock before he ran away. The camera then cuts to Tag getting out of the clubhouse, after he got out of the scene, Duggee came in with his clown costume from The Circus Badge on, he growled and grabbed a butterfly knife and ran away from the scene.

Then it cuts to a chase scene where Tag is seen running away from Duggee as the chase music from The Castle Badge and The Spooky Badge played, after Duggee reached to Tag, he grabbed the neck and started peeling his skin off as he screamed, however, it wasn't a cartoony scream, instead it sounded like his voice actor was in pain, after Duggee finished peeling his skin off, he hung the corpse into a tree branch.

It then cuts to Betty walking out of the clubhouse with a shocked expression on her face to only find a demented Diesel the Angry Bull with bloodshot eyes and messy hair, Diesel then said "I FOUND YOU!" before he charged at Betty, after he charged at her, he ran into her and impaled her with his horn by the forehead with blood coming out of her head along with ink slowly coming out of her bottom.

It finally cuts to inside of the clubhouse with the remaining members of the Squirrels Club, Norrie and Happy, Happy said "What happened to Tag and Betty?" while Norrie responded with "I don't know, but-" before she could finish, Duggee came in and carried Norrie as Norrie cried out for help while Happy looked shocked.

As Duggee while he was carrying Norrie got out of the scene, after 3 seconds, it cuts to outside of the clubhouse with Duggee still carrying Norrie, he then stops carrying her and begins to beat her up with a nearby baseball bat as Norrie screamed more, however, like Tag, it wasn't a cartoony scream, it was however a realistic scream, like her voice actor (Poppie Boyes) was in pain, after 15 seconds of being beaten up, Duggee then throws the baseball bat and looks at the unconcious Norrie, he then grabs a flamethrower and burns Norrie as she screamed more, after that, Duggee then grabbed a shovel and buried the corpse underground.

He then looked at Happy, who went outside, Duggee then carries Happy into a nearby lake, he then leads Happy head down into the lake for a 30 seconds as he screamed for help, however, like Tag and Norrie, he scream was also realistic. After 30 seconds, he finally drowned, Duggee then throws the corpse and crushes Happy's skull with his feet.

After he crushed Happy's skull, Duggee then turns to the camera and growls out with subtitles "They're all dead. Now it's your turn…", after that, the narrator then says "Uhh... Duggee? You better calm down-" before he could finish speaking, Duggee then pounces to the camera as the screams of the narrator emitted from the speakers. Duggee then throws head down the narrator before flipping the bird and then shot with the same Beretta as from before.

The cameraman then yells out "DUGGEE! YOU BETTER CALM DOWN OR ELSE I WILL CANCEL THIS-" before he could finish just like the narrator, Duggee then growls and claws off the camera as the same screams played with the camera lens shattering and blood flew into Duggee's furry face. Duggee then grabs a sharp stick and then pokes his eyes with blood flying everywhere in the forest, he then grabs the same handgun, shoots him, and picks up the same sharp stick and stabs his chest, with blood even coming out of the scar with a disgusting splatter sound effect. Then, it cuts to black with red text in the Arial font saying "TAKE THAT GRANT ORCHARD! YOU BETTER NOT BE MAKING SEASON 2 COME TO AN END!" The credits then rolled, but there was only one credit, supposedly "Created by Blake Campbell". Alongside with the grass being now dirt, like someone had poured herbicide into the grass, the usual music was replaced with bagpipe-like noises, with the worst of all, Duggee, was in his doghouse like usual but he looked dead.

I then exited off the app and turned off my console, then went to my computer and e-mailed the BBC about this incident, a few days later at 7:30 PM, they responded, the e-mail said

"Dear XXXX (I censored my name), we accidentally aired this episode that you watched, we could say that in 2018, we hired someone named Blake Campbell who worked on some episodes, he even made the episode, when we are reviewing the episode before airing, we didn't air the episode because of its violent nature and fired Blake because of this, but in the day you watched the episode, an BBC iPlayer employee accidentally put the episode on BBC iPlayer."

I then took an deep breath before going to bed. I have nightmares about Duggee in the same clown costume with the same chase music playing on the background, chasing me at an foggy forest with a bloody machete and growling. I then woke up at 4:57 AM the next day. I then decided to watch BBC Four (the program that was on was The Great War) to get it off my mind.

Grant Orchard? Why did you did this episode alongside with an employee who did an gory episode? Just why?

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