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Hitman, a game to enjoy and take your anger out on.  When I had a bad day, I'd play Hitman:  Blood Money.  One day, after school, my best friend was moving away.  He was borrowing my Hitman:  Blood Money, but he took the game with him.

One day, 2 years later, I get a package in the mail.  It said, "Please take it back, I don't want to play it anymore.  I forgot about it and then I remembered it was your game.  Please just keep it."  It was from my best friend.  I had no idea what made him sound like he was freaked out about.  There it was.  My old Hitman:  Blood Money.  So many memories.  When I opened it, it was very bad condition, but enough to play the game.

Once I poppoed it in I heard a woman from the TV screaming, "Get off me!  Don't kill me, please!  I only tried to he..."  I heard a gunshot.  47's Silverballer came up.  You know, his personal favorite.  47 was on the screen, saying, "My target is everyone!  Kill all!"  Then the TV showed what I assumed was the woman crying for help, dead.  Not just dead, but half eaten, limbs were broken, her face was contorted and filled with terror.  47, with his mouth covered in blood and clothing shreds, says, "Oh, Diana, I never knew you were so...  tasty."  At that point, I puked in my mouth a little bit, as it was just so unfitting. Even for a bloody game, it never had this much blood, and 47 wouldn't eat people! 

The agent says, "Oh, yes.  One by one they fall.  Why are humans so delicious?"  I was so freaked out about it.  Then he added, pointing to me, "I wonder how you taste?"  The TV brings up an image showing bodies of the dead.  I counted 15 dead.  One was missing his limbs, one was missing most of his torso.  One of them only had a head left!  They were all dead, but they were chanting my name, saying, "Where were you?  2 years, you left us!  2 years!"  At that point, I successfully turned off my PlayStation 2.

I wanted to break the game in half, but a game where it had this?!  The scream, 47 portrayed as a cannibal, and the chanting dead.  Despite it's condition, this is too cool to be thrown out.  To this very day, I still have that Hitman:  Blood Money.

Written by Regretfulspawn
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