Hopeless Superman

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Spending my time in the usual thing i had done for the past few weeks,reading superman comics for me was the best.I would not miss anything that had superman on it due to the fact i was a big fan of superman.As time went on black friday sales came faster then the speed of light in which my mom loved to spend money on to buy my family things. As my mother was looking for anything useful on sale i wandered of to see if i would find anything interesting for my own. As i grabbed a couple of games i could not help but notice that there was a sale going on of batman and superman action figures that were in a pretty big size. At that moment my superman fan side told me to get one of those figures.It was useless since by the time i got to the stand no superman figures was left for me to take. Upset of that i went on to find my mother and family to buy my games and go back home. I would not believe my eyes since as i approached my family my mom was holding in her hands one of superman's action figure as she smiled to me. I was so happy i got to take one of those superman's action figure back home.

Later on that night my dad left as usual to go to work and my mother was fallen asleep on her bedroom.i headed to my room and Before i got a chance to open my superman action figure my little brother stepped in and started saying things of how he loved superman. After a while of trying to ignore my brother he then left my room with a sad expression, i usually don't get along with my brother due to many fights we had gotten into.nevertheless i opened my superman i had placed him in top of my shelf as decoration for my room. I could of never felt much pride in what I've done with my superman collection. As i was getting sleepy in my dark room i had heard something. It sounded like whispers coming from the black corner across my room. It sounded like someone was saying "it's hopeless" that whisper shocked me so i rapidly ran to my door and turned on the lights. The corner lid up and nothing was there...just my electronics and my superman figure. I felt scared afterwards so i decided to leave the lights on.

The next day after breakfast my brother then again was trying to give me a lecture of superman. As if i didn't knew already. I again ignored my brother's speech of superman. But this time my brother stopped talking and was staring at the superman action figure. After a minute i realized what was going on so then i told my brother. " if i let you use my superman action figure would you please leave me alone?he nodded. So i in a hurry gave my action figure to my little brother as he exited my room. I had never felt such ease knowing that my brother would leave me alone for one day. I had not come out of my room after that day.as i was going to sleep i heard the same whisper..."it's hopeless"...i was shocked and scared..i opened the door and light up my room...i looked at the corner where the sound came from but nothing was there...the noise had come from outside my room. I was determined to search where that noise came from.As i was walking around the house the whispers sounded louder as i approached my brothers room and as walked closer to the door i hear a scream from it.my mom and dad woke up and ran to my brothers room where i was trying to open the door..my heart had never pumped so hard as me and my dad tried to open the door.Then we heard a voice saying "it's hopeless."i had enough of those sounds saying the same thing so i told my that to move and i threw myself at the door. As the door fell with me my mom and that entered the room shocked and scared looking at my brothers bed.

As i was lifting myself up from the ground the wall behind us had carvings in blood saying.."life is hopeless". I was in panic as my mother and father were standing motionless in shock. I stood up and looked at the direction my parents were watching.My dear lord...it was my brother....his eyes...i could have never imagined such horror..his eyes were cut out with the knife that he had in his hands...and to add that up...my superman figure was there...his eyes were gone as well...filled with blood..his chest...was all covered in blood as well...it was horror as i heard the last whisper saying.."your love is hopeless" after a brief moment the police had arrived to investigate the scene...i could not believe it...my brother gone...why would he do this...did i do something wrong?....i will never forget his face..filled with blood..along with the words.."your love is hopeless"...

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