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One day I was playing Hotel Mario and put in the Konami code for shits and giggles. It did something, it changed the intro. The intro showed Mario and Luigi with dark, empty, vacant eyes and everything looked to have a red filter on it.

The intro went like this:

Mario: "Nice of the ANTI-CHRIST to invites us over for a ANTI-CHRIST. Eh, ANTI-CHRIST?"

Luigi: "I hope she made lotsa ANTI-CHRIST"

Mario: "ANTI-CHRIST, look! It's from ANTI-CHRIST!

"Dear, ANTI-CHRIST. The ANTI-CHRSIT and I, have taken over the ANTI-CHRIST. The ANTI-CHRIST is now a permanent ANTI-CHRIST at one of my 7 ANTI-CHRIST hotels. We dare ya to find her if ya can!"

Mario: "We gotta find the ANTI-CHRIST"

Luigi: "And YOU gotta help us!"

Mario: "If you need instructions on how to get through the ANTI-CHRIST, please check out the ANTI-CHRIST."



Written by サタン
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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