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Hello there. I am Professor Innerscope, and I will teach you how gas works. Gas actually isn't as complicated as some say. However, it is still complicated enough to have several theories going for it. I will state mine.

At least a billion years ago, the sun formed. This sun has produced a ton of gases that Earth uses today, including, but definitely limited to: Air, Water, Fart, Gasoline, and Hotter Water. No other gases exist. Keep in mind, however, that pseudo intellectuals will state such nonsense as nonmetals and noble gases. Ignore them. They are wrong.

So now we know every form of gas in the entire planet. The question is, how do they work? Here is a brief summary:

  • Air: You breathe in it
  • Fart: You fart it out
  • Gasoline: Cars use this. Apparently, it's polluting the Earth. However, we all know that God isn't dumb enough to create something dangerous.
  • Hotter Water: Known to normal people as steam.

What is the cause to all of this?

Research shows that Earth creates Air by contacting the sun. The sun, in return, heats the Earth. This creates Hotter Water. Air is in a limited supply. However, you breathe in and out. Therefore, Air isn't being consumed. Fart is actually the gas form of shit. Gasoline is a fossil fuel. Water is the compression of Air.

Facts about Plants:

Since plants have no noses, they cannot breathe. This is proof that lungs aren't a requirement to live. When the sun contacts Earth, Earth receives light. The first thing that Earth gives light to is plants. This is why they are green. Plants then receive the energy they need to shake around, making air.

And that's pretty much it. If you have any questions, leave a comment in the comment section. Until next time, this is facts about science, with Innerscope.

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