How To Make A Pokémon Creepypasta

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Lets make a Pokémon Creepypasta, yay!

Step 1.Have weird things happen with Pokémon. Example:"One of my Pokémon faded to darkness..."

Step 2.Have Lavender Town in all the places. Example"Lavender Town started playing when the Pokémon was darkness."

Step 3.Make your Pokémon bleed in a battle. "My Charmander started bleeding when fighting Gary's Pidgey."

Step 4.Make your Pokémon cartridge dissapear. Example: "My Pokémon Yellow game was nowhere to be found...."

Step 5. Use GHOST. Example: "My Pokémon party all turned to GHOST."

Step 6. Put creepy effects in a normal gameplay video for the video. Example: Red blurs.

Step 7. Put pictures of MissingNO. all over the page.

Step 8. Make the Pokémon talk. Example: "The Pokémon said YOU'RE NEXT."

Step 9. Make the power button dissapear. Example: "WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO THE GAMEBOY???"

Step 10.Have the Pokémon come out and kill people you know. Example: "What happened to my friend?"

Step 11:Have the pokemon say your name. Example: "The Pokémon said "Daniel, I'm tired of you..." "

Step 12: Put on Creepypasta Wiki.

Written by Superguy163
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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