Hunger Pangs

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In a solitary office we see a mustached man wearing a police uniform and a Commissioner badge slowly drinking coffee as he looks out the window of the police station watching over his part city as it is under the influence of a blood moon. When all of a sudden the chief officer came knocking at the commissioners door.

“ Excuse me sir, are you in there sir?” the chief officer asked as he knocked lightly on the glass pane of the commissioner’s door.

“Yes chief I’m in here, please come in.” the commissioner responded as he still looked out the window slowly drinking his warm cup of coffee.

“We’ve got a man who’s turned himself in saying he’s committed a very terrible crime, and he also seemed to be at war with himself sir.” the chief said after opening the door as he stood in the doorway.

“Let me tell you something chief…” The commissioner sighed as he put his coffee cup on the table turning to the chief with a face that could only be described as regret.

“Today is my little girls birthday… I was supposed to be at home, but when it comes to blood moons.. you might as well consider me a fish on dry land after being reeled in.” The commissioner sighed out in annoyance as he sat down in his office chair.

“Oh, my condolences sir, how old is your little girl?” The chief asked as he took his hat off and held it to his chest trying to be respectful.

“She just turned seven years old chief… but by God I’d do anything for her…” The commissioner said with a chuckled as he slightly smiled while reaching his hand out for his cup of coffee taking a sip then putting it down. Down the hall is the sound of handcuffs rattling coming closer and closer that followed after loud footsteps and a tall, skinny and pale figure wearing a sharp white tux passed by the door as it growled lightly while it looked down at the floor while walking then all of a sudden it snapped at its self.

“Cut it out would you?!” The figured said out-loud to its self as its head quickly tilted left, afterward quickly tilting its head slightly to the right to put its head back in the center which make its neck loudly pop as it gets escorted to the interrogation room by two police officers. “Is that him chief?” The commissioner asked as he stood up from his chair using his desk to help himself up while grunting.

“Yes commissioner, that’s him sir.” The chief replied in a very serious tone with a face of concern as he got out of the door way so the commissioner could get through it.

“Lets get this over with, but if you don't mind I’m going to interrogate him chief” The commissioner grunted as he walked out into the hallway turning to his left closing the door to his office.

“I don’t mind at all sir, but I should warn you commissioner, he seems like he fights with himself a lot.” The chief commented calmly as he and the commissioner walked down to the interrogation room.

“I could see that chief, alright see you in a few chief.” The commissioner said as he opened the door as it let out a loud creak on the side the figure was on. And the figures neck popped as it looked to the door letting out a slight snarl as saliva came out of its mouth.

“Quit that now!” the figure snapped as its self as it turned its head quickly to its left then slowly turning back to now see the commissioner sitting in a wooden chair across the table in front of him.

“I'm gonna assume that you have alter egos and all-though I can’t tell if you have eyes or not I’m also going to assume you can see me.” The commissioner said confidently as he pushed his glasses back up slightly leaning in a little to get a good look at the figure.

“Yes I can see you, and yes I do have egos… and we don’t get along at all.” The figure said in a friendly tone turning his head slightly to its left looking down in guilt.

“You need to shut up wimp!” The figure shouted out to its self in a guttural deep toned growl as its head jolted right to face the wall and growled.

“No! I will no longer be quiet, not after what you did.” The figure said in its friendly tone when its head jolted left.

“Now now ladies! Your both pretty so why don't you stop fighting!” The commission shouted jokingly in a chuckle as he lifted his hand up. And the figure looked right at him and lightly growled.

“Quit that now!” the figure said to its self in its friendly tone slightly turning his head left then looking back to the commissioner with a frown on its face. “Now if you don't mind me asking, what is your name, and what did you do?” The commissioner asked politely as he scooted closer to the table leaning in a bit crossing his arms and putting them on the table. The figure chuckled in a deep guttural tone turning its head right as it brought its head up to sharply look down at the commissioner keeping its head slightly turned to the right as its mouth widened with a menacing sharp toothed grin.

“I assume you eat meat commissioner, well I did what I had to for survival.” the figure widened its grin and snarled as it slightly chuckled while saliva dripped from its teeth.

“Quit it, we killed a person, that's illegal, its a crime and we need to pay for it!” the figure told its self in its friendly tone turning its head left very sharply.

“Says who wimp? We would've died from starvation if I didn’t do it!” the figure shouted out in a deep gutural tone sharply turning it head right slowly looking toward the commissioner keeping its head slightly tilted right.

“I now love the taste of flesh, I’d say its quite delicious, the perfect blend of different flavors all mixed together in a single body” The figure growled out widening its grin and a lot of saliva came out of its mouth and dripped from its sharp teeth. The figure started to stand and as it did the light above them flickered rapidly and it coughed out a ton of blood from its mouth and wiped its lips as it smiled.

“There's no more nice guy to protect you now… I killed him, and now I’m free to do whatever i want!” the figure said while centering his head and a fully wide grin growling out viciously. Then the commissioner jolted out of the wooden chair ready to run.

“I’m hungry for more flesh!” the figure screeched out as it broke the cuffs off its wrists and cutting somehow cutting off the power to the entire power with a high pitched screech and a then giving out a low guttural growl.

“What the fuck!” the commissioner cursed out patting around on his light leather jacket for his flashlight, later pulling out his gun instead.

“No not this, I didn't want this!” the commissioner mutter to himself then adding, “wait actually doesn't this thing have a..” The commissioner cut himself off after finding the flashlight option on his pistol.

“That's better!” The commissioner muttered out pointing the gun out in front of him to see if the figure is still there, but its completely gone and no trace of it left from the spot it used to be in.

“Shit, God fucking damn it!” The commissioner cursed out in anger as he shook the light around scanning the entire room for any sign of the figure. Then all of a sudden a blood churning screech followed by a terrified scream is heard out in the hall way.

“What the fuck?!” cursed the commissioner as he shined his light on the interrogation room door to find the handle and reached for it and the door creaked as it opened as there was screams of pain down the hall. The commissioner speedily walked down the hall holding out his pistol checking behind him time to time and scanning around him as he walked further down it. Swiftly stopping with a squeak from his boots when he saw a body of a police officer face down on the floor in a pool of blood missing a huge chunk of there head and a broken bone sticking out of a bite mark on the arm ad there body torn in half the guts spread all over the floor.

“J-Jesus f-fucking C-Christ” the commissioner gagged out in disgust trying his best to not throw up as he saw the horrific scene left in the floor left by the figure. Then a loud boom followed by buzzing is heard at the other end of the hall making the commission turn around pointing his gun that way and down the hallway is the figure standing there not moving with its wide sharp toothed grin.

“What the hell are you?!” the commissioner screamed out in fear then the light went out the back on with a boom and a light buzz and when it turns back on the figure is holding the chief up in the air by the head with one hand.

“Please help me!” the chief cried out in tears as he tries to free him self from the tightening grip of the figure, the figure then reaching with the other hand grabbing the lower half of the chief as the chief whimpered in fear, then the figure quickly ripped the chief when he screamed out in terror in half letting the guts spill out of the cheif as it bit off the shoulder of the chief with the lights quickly turning off with a loud boom plunging the hallway into darkness.

“Shit…” the commissioner whimpered out in fear as a tear rolled down his face while he slowly backed away heading towards the exit door. Then another loud bang at the end of the hallway as a light turned on.

“Stay away from me!” the commissioner screamed out in fear as he shot a bullet from his pistol at the figure. The figure let out a screech of hunger that quickly turned to a screech of pain as the bullet went through its shoulder. The figure quickly turned its head to the commissioner and screamed out a high pitched screech then a hiss and a low guttural growl then the light went out with a loud boom after the figure backed out of it to take cover. The commission turned around in hopes to find an exit sign but instead now behind him was the figure as it quickly grabbed him and restrained the commissioner in a single hand and lifted him off the ground.

“Now commissioner, you tell me something… Do you have a family?” the figure growled out in a deep guttural tone smiling as saliva and blood dripped from its sharp teeth

“You leave my fucking family out of this you sick fuck!” the commissioner cursed out as he spat onto the figure.

“Now now commissioner, I'm the one in power here, so I'm gonna ask you one last time… do you have a family, and how you answer will determine if you live or not.” the figure smiled with an evil grin as it growls.

“Yes I do , are you fucking happy now?...God save my soul..” the commissioner cried out in tears while in fear for his life as he closed his eyes preparing for the worst as he listened to the growl of the figure as it tried to figure out its decision until its belly growled.

“I hope they give you a good funeral commissioner.” the figure growled out grabbing the commissioners head then his lower half.

“W-wait what-” the commission stuttered out until he was ripped in half viciously by the figure making blood go all over the place. The figure tossed the torn body to the ground and started to eat it like a wild dog. Then the lights flicker all over the building as the figure stood straight up and with one of the flickers just disappeared without a trace of its self left behind. And the lights stop flickering and are now fully shining through the entire building to reveal the bloody and horrific scene that it left behind.

Credited to Lilletheundead

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