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"NOW THEN...  So I made the AIDS casting call, so now I am making my own movie too! For the sake of competition, I made one especially on retards that I am calling the "HURR HURR!!! the Movie" ! I am  being THOUGHTFUL Because now I can show "Nathan" off to the public like a freak show! Every movie has at least ONE retard in it....this has ALL OF THEM!!! Every actor/actress is GUARANTEED to be a retard, except for those from Metokur and ED, and those who make fun of "Nathan" XD... So this is my cast so far:

Mariana Hanks as "Nathan Forester"

Rebecca Clark as "Tartlet Tard", and a.k.a. "Assburger Girl"

All of Mariana's sockpuppets

Rosie Palm and all 5 of her sisters

Mr. Hands

$Stykera as HIMSELF

DG as SATAN himself

Habermann as "First Truth"

H-Bomberguy as "Second Truth"

Cleo as "Metokur Chic"

Metokur Chimera as Himself

Jim Carrey as "that fucking bird"

Steve Martin as "that fucking cat"

Andria Kilgore as "Psycho Nazi An Hero"

Shamoosh as "That girl with the cute raccoon hat"

Midnight-Oyl as "The Truth"

Nathan F clones as more Nathan F clones

Hoodeedoo as "online petition troll"

LMTE as "Metokur Pimp"

Rents as "the Werejohncandy Tamer" and "Nathan F's Boyfriend"

And that poor depressed raccoon girl that Werekatt did unjustice to...

Everyone else gets to do whatever the hell they want, crash the set, make up their own names, kill the pet pikachus, or make Nathan and Rebecca walk the plank on the pirate ship.  Oh, and did I mention for our Preview Dinner, we are having freshly grilled Pikasteaks, mashed potatoes, an all-you-can-eat salad bar, dessert bar, green eggs and ham, marshmallows, mushrooms, roasted Jim Carrey birds and Leg of Werejohncandy!!! It's like a crazy buffet night, we can reherse and then go home full of this crap...

Like Mariana does every day! She is still full of shit even as I write moar shit for her to swallow. OPEN WIDE."

She openly admits that the movie was terrible and an excuse to make people feel sorry for her when her delusions always made her out to be innocent when she really was psychotic and evil,  she didn't like it...she hated it...she loahted Nathan and wanted to kill him.

Rents died in 2011 due to complications....they couldn't find anything to replace his heart.

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