Hush a bye Mountain

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As the cart came, I was jumping up and down. I could finally ride "The Panther's Mountain" And it was said to be the best ride in all of America! I got in and I had a massive smile on my face. But I got really excited when the cart took off. "Calm down," my girlfriend said, not looking as excited as I was. I could tell she didn't want to go on the ride in the first place.

In the ride there was volcanos erupting fake lava and robotic animals walking around in a plastic rainforest. I was really annoyed until we went up the railroad. It took atleast 2 minutes to get up it, but when I looked at the fall, I froze.

We were just over 800 Feet up. I gaged as the cart swang back and forth, and finally, the cart went at top-speed, crashing down.

My head flung back as the cart zoomed down the track, then, it was silence. I opened my eyes and my girlfriend wasen't there. I was just slowly moving in an empty cart, ahead of me, though, I saw another cart, but it also had one person in it. When our carts crashed together I tapped the "person" in the back, then, he looked at me.

He had a horrible grinning smile, had red skin, grey eyes, and black scruffy hair. Our carts started going forwards again, gaining speed, and the "creature" infront of me just laughed. I felt like I was in Hell! Though the creature stopped laughing and waved a hand.

"Hush.." it said, "hush and let your bad thoughts be gone." I couldn't believe it, but I actually listened to the creature and I felt happy when the cart went over a 2,000 foot drop. Suddenly when the cart was about to hit the ground, (and probably kill me) I got woken up by my girlfriend. "You were moving strangely in your dream and I decided to wake you up, after 10 minutes," she said, looking happy to see me awake. I returned a smile to her and told her all about my bad dream. When I explained it to her she told me to come to Mcdonalds with her, which I did, but still to this day, I keep hearing in my ears those horrible words: "Hush a bye Mountain."

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