Hypno'z Lulibizzle

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Come lil' playaz, come wit mah ass

Safe n' aiiight yo ass ghon be

Away from yo' cribz, now let our crazy ass asses run

With Hypno, yo gonna have so much fun

Oh, lil' playaz, please don't bust up like a biatch

Hypno wouldn't hurt a gangbangin' fly

Be free, be free be free ta play

Come down up in mah cave wit me ta stay

Oh, lil' playaz, yo ass musn't leave mah ghetto

Yo crazy-ass crews fo' yo mothafuckin ass is ghon grieve

Their mindz will unravel all up in tha seams

Allowin me ta haunt they crack tripz

But surely, all of y'all must know

That it is time fo' you ta go

Oh, lil playz, you weren't def

Now yo asses shall stay wit me forever

Written by Haramonia
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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