I'm Sorry, Chef Pee Pee!

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The story goes as such:

September 29, 2017

I thought there would be a new SML video about Bowser Junior's birthday, but when I saw the notification, my mind was racing with thoughts such as "Is this a joke?", "Is this the halloween video, but posted early?", I ignored it and started watching.

Junior was having a good day, spending time with his friends, making jokes about Cody's Mom, you know, the usual things that Junior likes.

One day, he made a mistake that changed his life forever.

It goes a little like this, Junior was playing football in the house with Jeffy, when, on accident, Jeffy punted the ball high enough to break the ceiling, and right when that happened, the ceiling fell on Chef Pee Pee, and knocked him out unconcious, with his face splattered across the kitchen counter and floor. Junior was scared but luckily he knew the trick, Junior tried to make Chef Pee Pee a new face by getting playdoh and using glue and tape to hopefully get the face to look good as new. But, right when Junior was done making the last piece of playdoh, Chef Pee Pee awoke, and boy, was he pissed. Chef Pee Pee actually GREW a new face underneath his old one, and it looked terrifying as fuck. Junior fell to his knees when he saw, the lifeless, fucked up, Chef Pee Pee standing right above him, trying to keep it calm, Junior cracked a joke, but when Chef Pee Pee heard it, he SLASHED at Junior, making Junior cry so hard, that he had waterfalls coming out of his nose and eyes and mouth. Chef Pee Pee started choking Junior, looking hyper-realistic when he did it, Junior kept repeating while crying, "I'm Sorry, Chef Pee Pee!", "I'm Sorry!", and as Junior said that, Chef Pee Pee dug his hands deep into Junior's body, so much so, that Junior's heart was destroyed.

This episode was deleted by YouTube because it violated Community Guidelines, but I remember this episode, it scared the living daylights out of me, i'll never see Chef Pee Pee the same way again.

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