I didn't mean to

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I won't start out with the usual 'it was a normal day' thing. All I did was open up slender one of my favorite games to play. I got to page 2 then my computer crashed. i booted it back up, and opened slender again, but instead of the normal menu screen, it brought me to this screen. It was black and had big blood red letters that looked like hyper-realistic blood that said I'M COMING FOR YOU ETHAN. then my computer crashed again. That night I was scared out of my mind! I had stolen my dad's revolver for defense. At around midnight I saw my door slowly opening, then I saw his face. BANG! BANG! BANG! I walked over to it slowly. I turned it over and I saw my older brother's face. bloody, expresionless, and dead. I was lost for words. I killed my own brother!.

I didn't mean to!

and kids,don't play pranks like that.

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