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Time flies, in 2026, at this time, I became a scientist, invented a proud of multi-function shoes, the United States it yue, its function can many, let me explain! The multi-function shoes appearance spotless, can with oneself to like design change touch kind. This kind of wedge filled with change device, in the rainy day, the shoes will turn into a water shoes, let you don't have to worry about rainy day in the foot will city; In the snow, if you want to ski, if you want to ski, it will become a snowboarding: in the, it can become mountaineering shoes, let you climbing carefree...... In the cold winter, you don't have to worry about shoes is too thin and not warm, because the insole packed with a miniature solar packet: can absorb solar summer placed into the winter use. No matter how thin it is warm. In the hot summer, we put on the shoes, the insole through the holes emit an cool device, let your feet feel very cool. This kind of shoes still can prevent the thief! If the thief put on the shoes, want to do bad, then let the thief walking shoes inconvenience, and to the thief warned that if the thief insisted on going to do wrong, shoes will alarm, and put in place the thief trapped, let him not to go out, waiting for the police come. I listened, you want to have the shoes? Welcome to order 20 years later.

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