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Hello, my name is B. Like the like the letter 3 like B? Get it? Like i am a comedian you know?

I naturally never think of anything else rather than just write stuff on my diary and notebooks but alas i'm trying out the internet... i found this wiki to write some stuff about me...

You see as a person who is home schooled and given a chance to go to a high school and decided to refuse the offer, it seems like a very dimwitted person. I may need time to drink water as i am currently writing this because it's pretty weird and unexpected of me to actually try to crank out my computer to write and it's a little tiring too. Being used to the normal or they call it traditional writing stuff gives me some insight on what should i do and what should i be but. all i see is just life lessons to be taken in the experiences i endure. But to be fair i wouldn't even expect this...

Although the only thing i kept from others are some personal stuff, nut even then i'm just writing this as i go.

I am a person of interests and talents but as i grew older and older i saw more stuff in my life which seems a bit odd at first but i got used to it because times are changing right? Even the kids are making new things and even laugh at certain things i don't understand the slightest. But hey, may as well just live and have a very calm manner. but as i get or even know stuff about this i think some of these new or changing things in today's society seems a bit of.

Like, some certain things i see hide in tree's so i go near them and decide to see what those thingymabobs do. Funnily enough people always say that i see things but i don't really believe in them because i know they are real out there.

I really do.

I want to see what they can do, Because so far i only see them hide behind trees and when i decide or even have a thought of approaching them they kinda have this distraught sound about me going near them... It's weird but i could understand them they probably don't want me to do the normal routine i do to other creatures i find.

I may use really dangerous endearing remains of pieces entitling other pairs like, elephants... I don't know what i said but it just came up to me randomly... I don't know why though. but i know what i should do next... I shall visit the place again to see what they do if they see me wearing a disguise. Welp i shall be off for now let's see what i shall or can do if i do have a chance to even write another installment... For now let us reprise and i shall be off for now. See you guys later.

Also, discerning every actual thing here. i may or may not have seen more creatures.

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