Imscared Aren't You? (NOT Official :P)

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It was a normal night while a minecraft player was exploring the internet fame of "Herobrine".

Being a creepypasta fan he got into the games based off Creepypastas including The Theater, and Sonic.exe.

He found something called Imscared: A Pixelated Nightmare and downloaded it.

He played it and spawned in some sort of room that looked like a bedroom, then he went into a hallway and found a note that wasn't in the creepypasta saying "RUN NOW JARED A. SIMPSON" He was confused and scared since that was his full name.

His head threw a tantrum telling him not to go further into the hallway.

At the end of the hallway their was a chair and rope tied.

He know what he was going for.

He shut off the game and decided to play Minecraft.

He went into 3rd person and noticed something behind him, it was some sort of pixel art of that monster from Imscared then he noticed a player looking like that exact pixel-art. Then that weird player said "I Love watching you DIE".

Then the player pressed tab and then BAM the game turned into a server and it said "Jamesgaming and White_Face"

The player exited the game then the splash under minecraft said 'You can't escape me"

Then the minecraft player looked behind him and noticed a chair and rope just like the game.

Jared hanged himself out of this madness.

Years later his friend at the age at 32 found his rotting hanged courpse in his room

His friend said "Im sorry" then cried blood.

Jared died along with his friend and they lived in the place they were supposed to be.

The police found the two hanged in Jared's room and on the computer said "YOU'RE NEXT".

Then it happened again to the one policeman that saw it.

The house was demolished and the madness ended.

But one question remained, Will White face be back?

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