Innocence part 1

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She sat golden hair glistening reading a small leather bound book.

Blue eyes scanning pages of scribbled words and phrases muttering " Innocence Innocent Little Child Big Adult Innocent Innocence".

November 2, 2012 (UTC) "Caily reed dont you dare hang up on me,(dial tone) Shit shit shit holy fucking SHIT!!!!!!!!" Molly Zanthus Screeched in her compact office "Bitchy Fucking Whore man eating cunt faced-... Oh umm Hi Mr Malone" "Hello Molly". Molly's face turned beet red as she racked her brain for excuses "umm I erm" "Molly you know about our no swearing policy""but" "no buts pack your things your fired".

"Grrrr Motherfucker of a boss hrmph " She groaned as she sat her keys on a book "Babe Babe Josh" molly sighed Josh had gone to the pub but left her a book a book with a leather bound cover and blue writing


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