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Meet John, a fifteen year old boy who loves video games. John in recent months has had an unusual attachment to all of his games for his PS3 particularly his more violent ones John's family saw this as normal behavior as he did this often, but to the mother and sister of john this was something different. John at times was not acting like himself he seemed more morbid. John's mother and sister decided one day to talk to John about this issue. As John's mother and sister asked him what was wrong, Johns eyes seemed to flash red then John began to scream and throw various household objects such as chairs and pictures hanging on the wall at his mother and sister. John's mother had no choice but to knock him out.

John awoke in a hospital bed the only light in the room was a green light above Johns head and some street light that came through a window to Johns left. John looked down and noticed he was bound to the bed by leather straps. John just sat back and sighed in anger, and waited for something to happen in solemn contemplation. John heard something that would suggest he was not alone in the room; his sister joined him at his bedside. She was covered in blood as if she had just murdered someone. His sister leaned in and whisper "you know what you must do" John gently nodded and his sister faded into dust. As she did this a door that was up until this point unnoticeable, swung open releasing a blinding light into the room and two grown men rushed in and stood at the foot of Johns bed then a doctor slowly walked in.

John began trying to escape by kicking his feet pulling, pushing, struggling but nothing worked he was caught. As soon as John realized this he felt irate then seemingly without effort he ripped off the straps. All the men in john's room just stood swallowed in fear. John then raised his hands and all men in the room slowly rose to the roof of the room as they reached the roof, a high pitched screech was heard the men screamed in agonizing pain as john's eyes flashed red once more, the men's bodies exploded releasing blood and guts all over the room. John then levitated out the window of the room.

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