Jaiden Animations Lost Video: My First Suicide

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Hi im Tom Mikeson i am a big fan of youtubers like mr breast and Eddworlds and Others that i like the most is Jaiden Animations she the best i wacthing every youtuber's videos all the time that i found a video that is a Jaiden Animations story video the thumbnail title said "My First Suicide" Jaiden was in the thumbnail she looks fine or whatever she was pounding at a gun in her head with the grey backgrond with a rope i cilck on it and it steart normal Jaiden said Hey everyone i have feeling in my mind she said i watch her telling the viewers that she said i may have a mistake but i am gotta end my life i guess... she said it cut to jaiden in her room with a gun holding in her hand i watch her she dont wanted to be killed she said well i hope what a twist to kill maybe i will so....... happy suicide day and she pulls the trigger and she killed herself with a gun and it cut to jaiden's dead body on the bed laying dead her head is bleeding jaiden's mom comes and she is shocked of her she died killing herself with a gun she run and calls 911 the poilce come her horuse jaiden founded dead i was shocked that my favouite youtuber died form Suicide the police aressted jaiden's mom when james comes and sees jaiden mom getting aressted for sawing her daunter died! james find out did jaiden was dead he saw jaiden's dead body he was shocked and run for his life atfer that jaiden mom is back home after being aressted she puts jaiden's dead body in the bag and yeet it on the lake she was purched by the bad guy form the jail jaiden's dad said ummm... where jaiden but her mom said she dead... and now she goes jaiden's room and now jaiden's mom stad herself with a knife and she died and now the day jaiden's dad was drunked that he explan his wife she was stabbed herself with a knife james comes and said wheres jaiden her dad said my wife yeet her in the lake james was shocked that she is gone her dad gets a gun and shot him he founded his wife's dead body her chest are bleeding her eyes gone red! her hands are bloody as hell he grads his wife's dead body he puts her in the chair and he kiss his wife's hand the atfermath he was aressted! he was in jail forever... and the videos ends with no credits the blaack screen with the red text said "have a good time everyone :) or i will be your nightmare forever" i got shocked that jaiden's mom was aressted and comes back home and she was stabed to her death and jaiden's dad got drunked and arested him and james was shoted by jaiden's dad i closed my laptop and never watch this video again... i was finally safe form this video i hope i will wacth youtube again.. and i wacth something new like Saberspark and eddsworld i guess i was safe form this video now....the end.


Jaiden- dies form Suicide

Jaiden's mom- dies form stabbing herself

James- getting shoted by jaiden's dad

Jaiden's dad- got aressted

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