James Bond the lost film

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One a pond a time I fell down the stairs I went oof oof oof then I got up them I went outside walking around stealing from the shops as well but one of my stolen items was a vhs tape said “James bond the lost film” I said to myself “how it is lost” I’m the world biggest fan of James Bond I meant him in Walmart dressed as Santa and he giving pipe bombs to children so I went home I then fell up the stairs and I want foo foo foo I put in my GameCube and watch it this was the film

It started with James Bond getting phone call from his magic talking robot dog voice by Adam sandler and said “hey bitch get the secret hideout in ikea there oh nos in China” so he got his flying car and it went broom broom to ikea when he was there he ate the meatballs and because nobody eat those fucking thing he got access to his hideout which was in the children area his dog show him his friend a time travelling skeleton and it said “there is evil group called “men” and they up no good they kick babies” James Bond shit himself and whole hideout smells like shit because he fear the most and dog give him a “join us now petition” and his new enemies are “The basement man” who lives in James Bond basement and weak to windows but luckily he has “The window breaker” Who breaks windows and he is weak to doorknobs and someone else breaking his windows they cost money And the next up is “the venting man” he hides cheerios in vents and lives in vents and he weak to women and monkeys and finally their leader “the slappy man” who slap people and it weak to 100 things like being slap,insults,pissing on his stuff,backstories,guns,bombs,deals,bins,books,the taxs collector,the police,fortnite,anime and cars

“Oh no” said James Bond he got his magic wand and said magic stuff idk and open up a portal that lead him to the basement man lair which was In James Bond basement and he said “ooh hi Jamesy bondy I’m locked in I can’t breathe in here” and James Bond put up a window and the basement was kill :( And the James bond got in his plane and went to the window breaker hideout which was in target he was breaking windows:O and he said “ooh ohh my ass I used my ass to break windows oh hi James Bond how the wife”

James Bond got pissed and said “my wife is dead you kill her with your windows” and the window breaker said the n word and “my father died because of windows I break every one of them and then James Bond broke a window and it became a doorknob and the window breaker died blood was everywhere James Bond got a mop and clean it up and stole his wallet And got in plane and went to the venting man house it was in a swimming pool vents James Bond put a pipe bomb in the vents and and also pipe bomb in the cheerios and piss on it and called up a woman and the venting man blew up 700 times and then James Bond got a plane and went to the slappy man house which was in Disney land and said to the slappy man face that he poo poo head he died

The day was saved now the evil called “men” was destroyed and the movie ended and then James Bond come out of my tv and said the fuck word 10 times I died The end

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