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It's been tough since my wife died three years ago. Cancer is a terrible disease. I just have to be strong and get through it. This your new beginning, Jake. At least I still have my beautiful 6 year old daughter Jamie. She has her mother's eyes, so there is still a part of Janet in Jamie, and in our hearts. I know she's up there watching over me. This new career opportunity and the new house is a big change that I should be welcoming. A new beginning.

Two weeks after moving in, the strange feelings begin. Jamie sat up late at night, talking to someone, but strangely, of course, we were the only ones in the house. "Honey, who is it you talk to at night?" I asked her one morning at the table during breakfast. "The man in my closet, Daddy. He said not to be afraid."

I instantly dropped my coffee cup on the ground. "Daddy, what's the matter?" I got up and ran into Jamie's room, holding a golf club in my hand. As I silently, slowly, and timidly reached for the door, my heart beat begin to drum faster and faster, until it was almost about to burst out of my chest.

I put my hand on the door knob, and began to twist it slowly. I finally got enough courage to open the door all the way, and it was right then at that exact moment, that a skeleton had popped out.

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