Jeff Spinoffs: Stays Crunchy In Milk

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.


Same rules as before.


Jeff Goes To The Gym

Jeff beats up George Washington

Jeff is in a Spinoff

Jeff says maybe to drugs

Jeff likes mustard

Jeff the Killer assaults Justin Bieber

Jeff and the beanstalk

Jeff in the Land of Oz

Jeff in Wonderland

Jeff blows up the pyrimids of Egypt

Killer the Jeff

Jeff does nothing but describes his thoughts on surreal art for twelve paragraphs

Jeff just sits there

Jeff gets HIV from Amanda Bynes

Jeff dislikes heavy metal

Jeff goes to a One Direction concert

Jeff goes to Everfree Northwest with BEN

Jeff becomes a Ghost Rider Villain

Jeff's Foreskin Conquers France

Jeff plays Banned From Equestria Daily

Jeff gets Banned from Banned from Equestria Daily

Jeffis and Jeff-Head

relliK eht ffeJ

Jeff Starts World War III


Jeff plays ROBLOX

Jeff Doesn't Like Waffles

Jeff Doesn't Like Pancakes (except for Givemepancakes)

Jeff Doesn't Like French Toast

Jeff Is Actually An Alien

Jeff Gets Caught By The FBI

Jeff Phones Home

And Then A Jeff Popped Out

Jeff the Transvestite

Jeff is Love

Jeff is Life

Mr. Jefftastic

Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff

Smoke Jeff Erry Day

Jeff watches Teen Titans GO!

Jeff kills everyone involvd in Teen Titans GO!

Jeff Joins D12

Jeff Goes To Potato

Jeff's Skin Turns To Stone

Jeff Gets The Runs

Jeff Drinks An Entire Barrel Of Wine

Jeff Switches Heads With Lady Gaga

Jeff Eats Your Pie (NOOOO! NOT MAH PIE!!!)

Cannibal Jeff Goes On A Diet

God-Jeff's Tail Gets Tied Into A Knot

God-Jeff Gets His Own Religion

God-Jeff vs. Jane Mothra

Jeff's Dick Mysteriously Turns Blue


Jeff's Lazer Eyes

Jeff Gets Goat Legs

Jeff goes to MCDonald land

Jeff chokes on a baby's penis

Jeff Lactates

Jeff gives birth

Jeff Swallows A Basketball

Jeff and Ghost Liu Smoke Banana Peels

Jeff dresses up as a Minion

Jeff had a baby with Jane

Jeff sang a Justin Bieber song

Jeff slept

Jeff Goes to the Vending Machine

Jeff Goes to Silent Hill (And Faces Off Against Pyramid Head)


Epic Rap Battles of History: Jeff vs. Jane

Jeff The Furry

Jeff Unlocks Expert Mode


Jeff making chocolate pudding at 4am

Jeff vs. Urkel's Grandma

Jeff Writes a Clopfic

Jeff Finds the Computer Room

Jeff Watches Nichijou

Jeff Plays Sonic '06

Jeff Listens to Radiohead

Jeff Makes An Unfunny Reference to Something

Jeff makes a gemsona

Jeff's Feet Itch Like Crazy

Jeff Makes The Cover Of Muscle & Fitness

Jeff's hair Becomes Sentient

Jeff Gets in the Fucking Robot

Jeff the Killer and Spongebob crossover special

Jeff Plays a Fangame of Himself

Jeff then hates his fans

Jeff Becomes an SCP

100% Legit.

Jeff Confirmed for SSB4

Jeff meets Spongebob

Jeff listens to 80's music

Jeff vs Happy Appy

Jeff the Killer meets Joff teh killur

Jeff the Killer meets Jeff the potato

Jeff vs the annoying orange

Jeff finds out about this page

Jeff becomes an admin on the Creepypasta wiki

Jeff the Brony

Jeff becomes sane again. Then he realised what he did... Kills himself

Jeff reads Squidward's Suicide and then complaints about why it's more popular than him

Jeff reads every creepypasta there is. Scarred for life

Jeff commits suicide

Jeff Becomes an Intern at Nickelodeon Studios


Jeff Watches Videogamedunkey

Jeff Starts a Rock Band With His Fellow Pasta Monsters

Jeff Eats Spaghetti

Jeff Goes to DeviantArt

Jeff makes a Youtube Poop

Jeff gets banned on the Trollpasta wiki

Jeff finds out that we've been making these spinoffs of him


Jeff visits the island of hookamookapookalap

Jeff watches Fanboy and Chum Chum

Jeff becomes gay

Jeff complaints to Jane that she's just a ripoff of him

Jeff reads Happy Appy

Jeff gets a job as a gay pornstar

Jeff reads Jeff Writes a Trollpasta

Jeff jacks off

Jeff reads this

Jeff kills Jane

Jeff sues slenderman for being more scary than him

Jeff finds Hyper-Realistic blood

Jeff's skeleton popped out

Jeff eats shit

Jeff eats a old lady's sewn on dick

Jeff eats a old lady's sewn on dick II: Suck my dick and make it quick

Jeff eats a old lady's sewn on dick III: Choking on dick

Jeff eats a old lady's sewn on dick IV: the final dick

Jeff has a very weird fetish

Jeff Reads the "Jeff Spinoffs" Articles

Jeff Beats Sonic Adventure 2

Jeff Was Phone

Jeff Fights a Deer

Jeff Watches The Office. NO GOD PLEASE NO

Jeff watches Dead Bart

Jeff causes off-site drama

Jeff goes to Bel-Air

Jeff becomes the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Jeff Plays Assassin's Creed and realizes he can kill anyone he wants after beating it. Jeff was found dead in his apartment with a controller and a bag of Cheetos in his hand.

Jeff gets bitch slapped

Jeff Gets the Chaos Emeralds


Jeff Is A Geisha

The Dark Side of Jeff

Jeff vs. Nuclear Scout

No One Jeff Should Have All That Power

Jeff orders a grande white chocolate mocha frappuccino and a short single-shot caramel sauce hazelnut syrup chocolate chip extra whip espresso


Jeff's Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Jeff eats da poo poo

Jeff becomes an average on /b/ on 4chan

jeff brutally murders the annoying orange

Jeff sexually assaults his knife

Jeff's knife sues Jeff for sexual harrassment

Jeff is currently looking to 25-50 years in prison

Jeff the Diva

Jeff becomes president

Jeff the Transvestite

Jeff The Heracross

Cannibal Jeff Eats A Schoolbus Full Of Nuns

Cannibal Jeff's Roar Breaks Your Monitor

Cannibal Jeff eats ALL the clowns

God-Jeff Flexes So Hard He Explodes

God-Jeff Finally Finds A Hoodie That Fits Him (keep in mind that he's 80 meters tall)

God-Jeff Trips Over The Statue Of Liberty

Jeff Becomes The Pope

Jeff the hypocrite

Jeff meets Worm Jeff

Jeff teams up with worm Jeff

Jeff has a long-term relationship with Worm Jeff

Worm Jeff cheats on Jeff

Jeff gets depressed

Jeff tries to kill himself

Worm Jeff stops Jeff from killing himself

Worm Jeff and Jeff get back together

Worm Jeff and Jeff get married

Worm Jeff and Jeff get into an arguement

Worm Jeff and Jeff get a divorce

Worm Jeff and Jeff kill each other with traps

Jeff says no to alcohol



Jeff has a sex change

Jeff says "Whatever!"

Jeff jizzes all over his computer screen

Jeff's Giant Balls

Cannibal Jeff Eats ALL the Mary-Sues

Cannibal Jeff Literally Grates Cheese On His Abs

Cannibal Jeff eats beans...HUMAN BEANS

Jeff watches obscure Japanese sci-fi shows from the 70s

Worm Jeff puts sand in your Vaseline because he's EVIL

Jeff becomes Super Jeff

Jeff, Cannibal Jeff, Worm Jeff and God-Jeff all get together to have a massive Jeffcest orgy

God-Jeff Gets Mistaken For Godzilla

God-Jeff Steps On Lady Gaga

Jeff joins the Brady Bunch

Fuck You, Jeff

Jeff Makes a Slenderman Skin Suit

Jeff is jacking off of you reading these

Jeff makes a dolan comic

Jeff stars in a buddy cop film

Jeff Sings Pokemon Ierukana

Jeff kills a cow..........900 of them

Jeff the Doctor

Jeff drives a moped through Italy

Jeff goes to Brokeback Mountain

Jeff watches the AVGN

Jeff makes the angry video game critic and is harassed for doing so.

Jeff kills his harasers

Jeff buys edible underwear

Jeff gets pregnant

Jeff has a foot fungus

Jeff eats a ghost fire pepper

Jeff gets fake boobs

Jeff gets an abortion

Jeff votes for Mitt Romney

Jeff changes his name to Jeffery "in da hood" The Killer

Jeff eats an omelet, with ham and green eggs

Jeff The Killer is le mastare trol

Jeff The Killer goes to Lavender Town

Jeff The Killer wakes up a baby and tells the baby to "GO TO SLEEP"

Jeff The Killer Wins By Doing Absolutely Nothing

Jeff Gets A Piano Dropped On Him

Jeff Gets His Shoes Shined

Jeff eats himself. Im not kidding. He actually eats and digests himself He somehow swallos himself! I dont know how...but he does

Jeff eats his own poop.....then pukes

Jeff The Killer Snaps Into A Slim Jim

Jeff The Killer Gets Abducted By Aliens

Jeff clones himself

Jeff kills his clones

Jeff The Killer Decides To Try Out Visual Novels

Jeff The Killer Stains The Battlefield With The Blood Of Christians

Jeff and patrixxx spontanioysly combcombust

Jeff Listens To Illmatic

Jeff Hits 'Em Up Like Motherfuckin' Tupac Shakur

Jeff, Slendy, and Mike, drivin down Van Dyke gettin his dick sucked late at night by a fucking transvestite

Jeff joins the KKK

Jeff becomes sane and then becomes insane and then becomes an alcoholic

Jeff become full MLG and begin pwning noobs n shit

Jeff's Sexy Suspender Striptease

Jeff eats a hot dog

Jeff finds out how bacon is made

Jeff builds a robot out of Liu's dead body

Jeff the Killer/Dora the explorer/candle cove/The Simpsons/family guy/breaking bad/super Mario crossover Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer submits a story in which PATRIXXX dies

Jeff the Killer dies horribly at the hands of EVIL PATRIXXX

Jeff the Killer goes to Hogwarts

Jeff the Killer becomes a Death Eater

Jeff the Killer becomes a furry

Jeff the Killer draws awful porn in MS Paint

Jeff the Killer joins the Bad girls club

Jeff the Killer rides with his crew

Jeff the Killer kicks a koala out of a window

Jeff the Killer chugs maple syrup

Jeff the Killer has a barrel of mayonnaise

Jeff the Killer binge watches high school animes

Jeff the Killer shouts 'ALLAHU AKBAR'

Jeff the Killer has questionable hygiene

Jeff the Killer smacks Donald Trump with a condom

Jeff for prez: 2016

Jeff in da hood

Jeff in da hood II: Drive-by

Jeff in da hood III: The Jeff swag district

Jeff in da hood IV: Jeff eats cocaine and dies

Jeff vs. wild

Jeff the Killer destroys Jane the Killer's pussy

Straight Outta Jeffton

Jeff the Killer RKOs some kid


Jeff the Killer jumps Liu

Jeff cheats on his knife with a glock

Jeff is ratchet

Jeff the Killer says 9/11 was an inside job

Jeff the Killer mugs a girl scout

Jeff the Killer posts a picture of his stolen thin mints on 4chan

Jeff the Killer gets arrested for stealing girl scout cookies

Jeff the Killer curb stomps a duck

Jeff the Killer makes ku$h money

Jeff the Killer does a genocide run

Jeff the Killer gets grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded gRou0NDED GRUU$#1$41%

Jeff the Killer finds Slenderman cheating on him with DashieXP

Jeff's on the Right Track, Baby, He was Born This Way!

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way Jeff should be able to see.

Jeff becomes Hokage

Jeff wins an Oscar instead of Moonlight and La La Land

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