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One day Jeff got tired of using his knife. And he was tired of doing the same exact thing everytime. So he decided that he would become a gangster and move to the creepypasta state of New Yender in the United 

Creepypastas of Blooderica. He joined the infamous gang called The Pastas and did so good in the gang that eventually he became leader.It had been a long time, at least 1 hour since Jeff had joined the gang. He decided that the gang needs more money, at least 394028472848298299 million cazillion babillion zatrillion ten sillion 5 thousand 1938 ilikebananashyperreallisticcillion haunted cartridges (that's the currency in Blooderica). So he created a plan.

Jeff and the gang gathered up all their knives, guns, Slenderboro cigarettes, Jeffemfedibrine, and last but not least, GAY PORN! No I'm just kidding. They would never have that. Anyway, they kicked open the door of a JPG bank, and held their guns and weapons at the cashiers. "GIVE US THE MUTHAFUKIN MONEY!" Jeff yelled. "Oh my god! I gotta call the police!" One of the cashiers said in fear. "Fine! GO TO SLEEP MOTHAFUKIN IDIOT!" said Jeff before he shot both the cashiers. Then, the police knocked down the door and took them all to the Pasta Supreme Court where they were all found guilty of robbery and two go to sleepings. 

Jeff and all the members of the pasta gang are currently serving time in Candle Cave. The Pasta gang is still alive today, but as a prison gang only. Jeff is still the leader, and continues his killings in jail, and has recently started to sexually assault other prisoners (outside his gang) which has earned him the nicknames which are, "Blood butter" and, "GOTOSLEEPER". 

Nobody is allowed to visit Jeff, but, if you are a news station or a journalist in the creepypasta world, then you can interview Jeff and ask him questions about his backstory.

And also,

Never gona spair yo life

I'm gonna let you die

Never gona go and turn myself in

Never gona make you smile

Never gona be in denial

Never gona go and get you,

a band-aid.

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