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One day, Jeff wanted to play TF2. So he went to a yardsale and bought a haunted copy of The Orange Box. He went on TF2 and was playing a server. he got out of spawn. He got killed, but he obtained an Unusual Cross Com Express. Everyone wanted it, but jeff gave it away to get some keys, but he got scammed. he went to that guys house and killed him. he took his unusual back and got some extras. He went back on the same server, but then, this happened.

BEN: You killed my homie. match?

Jeff: HELL TO THE YEAH, BIATCH. Bring it on.

Then, they had a battle. Jeff kept getting pwned and repeatedly asked for rematches. Finally, BEN was fed up.

BEN: No more rematches. You suck, dude.

Jeff has left the game. (Disconnect by user.)

Jeff went out to kill BEN. He would not stop. Here is the story.

Jeff: I WILL KILL BEN. Time to go to Jadusable's house.

Jeff checked his pocket for Worm Jeff. Worm Jeff always tried to steal his money. Sure enough, WJ was there. Jeff flicked him out the window infront of the car. He proceded to run over WJ. It was so hyperrealistic, everyone's pants turned brown. Anyway, the car gave him a low fuel warning, so he went to a gas station. He busted into the store there and saw a baby. The baby was crying. Jeff scooped up the baby and rocked him in his arm. "go to sleep, go to sleep little baby." The baby was soothed and went to sleep. The baby's mother paid jeff 5 dollars. He used 1 dollar on some Slender-Juice and 4 on gas. When he was driving, a sentry attacked and blew up his car. Onstar told him he shouldn't have done that, and he was at BEN's House by teleportation. Ben got a shovel and beat up Jeff. Jeff was knocked out.



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