Jeff the Killer and his Early Days

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Warning: What you are about to read is one of the most scariest stories ever and might make you die of death because that might happen and you can't sue me if you die ok right read on

On September 11th 2001, Jeff the Killer was strutting his shit in New York City. He was wearing a black fedora with lines of BLOOD AND INTESTINES but no-one cared because of the amount of swag he possessed. He also was wearing his famous white hoody and black trousers but instead of regular shoes he was wearing high heels made of BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, as he was parading down the streets he gained so much weight people started to laugh at him. He got sad and ran off the end of the Twin Towers which then exploded because a plane crashed into the building while Jeff the Killers brother, "Jeremy the Killer" was driving the plane. Jeff then turned 180 degrees around to witness the event and replied with a subtle statement "lol dipshits". He then got a knife out of NOWHERE which was really spooky right anyway he got the knife and cut his mouth and said "Go to sleep" even though it was 9am and people were too awake to be tired and therefore result in said people in sleeping. Jeffrey then got sad and ate a tub of Ice Cream to soothe his paine and shortly after hanging himself off the end of the Eiffel Tower because Jefferson could TELEPORT which was REALLY SPOOKY!!!!! 

The end.

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