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"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Jeff cried

"Nobody loves me! except for that crazy ass fangirls that I have..." Jeff cried while he kicked his sofa.

"Well, I will suicide, yeah, and then I will put my emo shit and photos of cuts and dead people on facebook!" Jeff said.

Jeff went to his computer and he entered on the internet, he entered facebook and he posted:

"fuck my life, i will commit suicide 4 gooood!!!! the societi dont love mi and everybody hate me, im just crazy!!!!" after a few hours Jeff noticed that nobody cares about him because he's an ass.

He started to watch television, and then a random channel appeared from nowhere, it was Justin Beaver singing, Jeff falls in love instantly, he sent messages to his account and he wrote sexual stuff about him on facebook and twitter, until someday he actually found the direction of Justin house.

He entered Justin's house by the window and he had sex with Justin all night, then they got married, but then slenderman appeared in front of Jeff, he said:

"I have to say something to you" Slenderman said, well, that's impossible because he doesn't have a mouth.

"What the fuck do you want? I'm going to see my wife you little piece of shit!" I said, very angry.

"Look, Jeff, I love you, you're the love of my life, I want you!" He said.

"OMG! I loved you all the time, too, beaver doesn't have to know about this" I said.

Then Jeff had a second family with Slenderman, they had a lot of babys, and Jeff stopped mass murdering. 


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