Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Hour 2

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After my encounter with the DVD, I went back to Nickelodeon Studios and told my cousin about what I saw. He looked me straight in the eyes and walked away. I then here crying from the employes room. I walk in and I see a giant TV screen, and it was playing some weird episode or something. Letters appeard at the bottom that said "Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Hour 2". I was instanly shocked by this. It showed Jimmy lieing in a hole in the ground with people staring at him. Then the camera zooms into Sheen's eyes as he drops a tear. It then showed Jimmy getting buried alive, then the screen zooms-out and shows his tombstone. His tombstone said "RIP Jimmy Nutrin, 2013-2013, the pizza was agrrisve". The screen zooms out again and it shows a sign that says: "DEAD JOKE CEMETERY" then the film stopped. An intern looked me staright in the eyes and said "Just another day in life at Nickelodeon Studios."

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