Jonny the Hell Keldeo

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I love Pokémon. I loved pokemon since red and blue. I still do now My new favorites are black and white, but never got a legendary pokemon in any of my games. So when I heard about keldeo event I got so exticed. I took the bus to get gamestop so I can do the event, so when I recived the keldeo he already had a nickname his name is jonny. I began to talking to jonny like he was live; we became friends in my mind. But one day I forgot to turn off the oven and the house burned and the game with my keldeo melted way. And that's when the nightmare started to happen I dreamed that jonny was talking to me in a hell version of himself, It got os bad that I had to get a new pokemon white game and do the event all over again.When I turn on the pokemon white game it already had a saved file, I clicked on it and I was at Celestial Tower. there was jonny in a different colour, and dismissed it as a hack done on the game to make it that colour. But more I did on the game the more addicted;I became to play with jonny when he battle with other pokemon they would say they where dead. Also I strarted to feel like someone follow me. One day when I defeat all the gym leaders and the elite four, they said nothing when I beat them they just disappered. also when I finished the game I saw his face just like N's when he speaks to you. Jonny say: why have you done this to me, I throught you love me; now I'am going to make you feel the same pain as I do. So I writing this to you in a mental hospltal.

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