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I used to watch "Caillou" when I was two, and what I think of him now, he is a whiny, spoiled brat. There is one episode that got removed from PBS Kids, Teletoon, Treehouse TV, and Universal Kids: season 5, episode 79. So I was playing "Gacha Club" on my computer, and then a knock at my door. I got an episode of "Caillou." I thought I got tricked. So I put the disk in, and the theme song was weirdly off. It went off-key at parts. Caillou was frowning the whole theme song. It flashed weird images throughout the intro, and instead of "Each day, I grow some more," it said "Each day, I'm sad some more." Then it started with a title card. It said, "The Death of Caillou." It started at Caillou's house and with loud crying in the background. It then cut to Caillou's room, and he was crying, hugging Gilbert.

He said to Gilbert, "Why am I bald?"

Gilbert replied, "Meow."

Caillou went to his mom and asked, "Mom, why am I bald?"

Caillou's mom then told Caillou crying, "Caillou, sweetie, you're still alive, but we're going to have to go to the hospital."

Caillou then screams, "No! That can't be!"

Caillou's mom said, "I'm sorry, Caillou, but it's how life works."

Caillou cried so loud and then said, "Why, Mom? Why?"

Caillou's mom said, "Sorry you had to know, Caillou."

I was shocked when I found out that Caillou is fat because it didn't say on the wiki. I continued watching. There was a time card saying "8 minutes later." It was back to Caillou's room again. It showed Caillou with a shotgun. Then it cut to black. Then the credits played, but Caillou wasn't there and there was no music. I got in contact with the creator, and he or she said, "So sorry about that. We took the episode off the air and off the website, we won't show that episode again. Signed, the creator of 'Caillou.'"

3 Years Later...

I showed my friend the disk, and he had the same reaction. So that is how the episode never showed.

Do not watch this episode unless you want to risk your childhood. -Caillou

Caillou is now removed from Teletoon, Treehouse TV, PBS Kids, Universal Kids on TV for good. So goodbye.

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