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Killy Lilly is the 115 year old creepy pasta with an insanity level worse than Jeff and Pinkie's combined. (Who to us are OR WERE the most dangerous of them all) Killy Lilly is an alleged serial killer reported to have killed thousands of others, and out to kill many more. She hunts down her prey with a phenomenal stalking skill and her appearance is rather grotesque. She has black eyes with pinprick white pupils and never ending straight hair that always lays over her left eye, nobody knows if it's actually there or not...

Blood constantly runs from the left covered side of her face and blood runs from the right corner of her mouth; her sharp canine teeth possibly being why. Her clothes are ragged, as if there has been a few victims to fight her back and there is blood soaked all over them, showing that she left the scene with another triumphant kill and MAYBE a few marks on her. She always has a hunting knife in a case hooked onto her side and will use any weapon she can to get the thrill of killing once more. Killy Lilly who also goes by "KL", "Killy, "Lilly", or "Lills" is very unknown which gives her the benefit of the doubt, "If nobody knows I exist, nobody can defend themselves when I'm around."

She's reportedly bitten a few of her victims, leaving bite marks and chunks of flesh to show the evidence and she does not stop at that. Slaughtering her victims, we have come to believe her behavior could be the worst of them all. To our fascination, Killy Lilly has so much control over herself that she can mentally handle being in front of humans and those who are just like her; freakish killers, only losing herself when she pushed or forced into losing her own mind. Despite the fact that she kills it IS rumored she's not just out to slaughter everyone in her path, but her other reasons we do not know. No one has ever gotten a photo of Killy Lilly, they are killed before they even get the chance...

It is reportedly thought that she commonly spends her time in her hometown's local high school during the day and goes by the name of Lilly Tyme to people who are associated with her, although her name is actually Lilliana Tyme, which turned to pasta name Killy Lilly. She's also a depressed insomniac who we feel kills for her own well being, we think it makes her happy. After school she's in the woods, the trees, and anywhere else looking for her next victim.

Early mentioned, she has a stalking skill like the abstract paranormal being: The Slender Man. Better or worse? We don't know, but like him she makes her prey uncomfortable by stalking them, purposefully giving her victims glimpses of herself to further frighten them. Seeing the fright on her victims faces seemingly makes KL like killing and stalking much more, psychologically torturing her victims before physically torturing them, leaving behind no trail of evidence and her victims to slowly die.

We don't know Killy Lilly much more than that, except for the fact that she has a sister name Silent Night who she loves dearly and will protect with her life.

Now you decide, do you think she's dangerous or no threat at all?

Credited to GuitarsAndRoses

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