King Midas' Gold

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King Midas was nice, and outgoing. He loved all his citizens, his royal rose garden, but greatest of all, his daughter, Ariella. Ariella loved his rose garden, but above all, Midas loved his gold collection. One day, Daedalus showed up at his door, saying, "I will grant you one wish, if you promise to use it wisel-" He got cut off by Midas. "I wish for everything I touch to turn into gold!" "Deal, if you give me your roses and all your slaves!" "Fine!" cried Midas. With a poof of smoke, Daedalus disappeared.

Laughing maniacally, Midas touched a kitten. Pfwingle! The kitten was now an immobilized statue of gold! "It worked!" he cried. He went off to find Daedalus, and turn him into gold. That was a bad idea. Daedalus seemed to cast another spell on Midas. He touched a flower, hoping to get a pretty golden flower, instead greeted by a golden shiny zombie!! Midas panicked and ran. The zombie was too fast. It grabbed Midas's hand, and forced him to touch his head! He turned into a zombie. He lurks in the most foul house ever! The food is like... Oh. I don't need to tell you. You already know.

Midas lives in your house.

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