King Neptune's Final

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Hello I will be telling you about a Lost Episode Of SpongeBob that Disturbed me and Traumitazed Me Enjoy. It Looked like a Normal Spongebob Episode and the theme Song Played but somethig was wrong.The Backround Was Darker then Normal.And when I heard the Pirate say.Are you ready kids?I heard a small voice that sounded like Spongebob and it said I am are you?That freaked me out but I continued on.The title also disturbed me it Said King Neptune's Final.In a scribbled way like a 5 year old wrote it.The Episode didnt start good either.It was night an there was nothing in the sky no flowers or stars or anything.Plankton was stealing the Crown of Neptune.Spongebob was strangely at the Chum Bucket and his eyes looked crazed.He Said Thank you you have done your good deed today now its my turn.Spongebob then said Ill free you from the toture of the world!He grabbed a knife beside him and chopped plankton to bits.I was scared so bad so I tried to turn off the tv but I couldnt find the remote.Then I remembered my little sister had it in her room.I had to finish the episode.It was the next day and Spongebob was walking to Sandy's with a hatchet in his hand......He burst through the glass as if a maniac and found sandy in her suit he decided to break the glass of her helmet leaveing little pieces in her face and her unable to breathe.Spongebod had a Evil Smile and his teeth were broken off.He headed down to Squidwards and Patrick's House.He Strangely had 2 grenades and threw one in each house.The Episode was near its end.He went down to the Krusty Krab.At this point I had enough I went to go get the remote but my little sister locked the door and my parents were on a date.So I decided to finish it SpongeBod Had A huge Machete.He snuck into Mr.Krabs Office but Mr.Krabs didnt see him.Spongebob let out a blood curling scream I had to block my ears.Mr.Krabs Surprsed had no time to react.Spongebob stabbed multiple times to break his shell when he did Mr. Krabs splattered.Spongebob grabbed his machete and said 2 simple words: Youre NEXT.

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