King of the HELL

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Hank, as he appers in the final episode.

One day I was looking around e-bay when I stumbled accross a user named OldDude666 who gave me a strange disk for free. I was all like,0-0. It read, "KING OF THE HELL-SEASON 666." in black marker.


When I turned on my PC, my wallpaper was dripping hyper-realistic blood. I ignored it, and clicked on Windows Media Player and started watching my favorite show. It just went to the episode selection screen. It was black, with white letters dripping hyper-realistic blood. There was one episode, Bobby Dies. It was a 50 second short of Hank killing Bobby with an axe. There was hyper-realistic blood everywhere! I then got a phone-call that my family's car crashed with my mom, dad, and sister in it.


I contacted Mike Judge, and brought up King of the Hell. When I did, he kept telling me he did not create it. I belived him and hung up. I acculatly kinda like King of the Hill again. I finaly can rest from all the terror it caused me.cli

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