Kirby: Right Back At Ya! Lost Episode

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WARNING: BAD PASTA. There was already a Kirby Right Back at ya pasta at creepypasta wiki, so I decided to make my own version (more stupid and more cliche) I also put it on this website. Besides, it would've gotten deleted and I would be banned from privilages on Creepypasta if I put it there

So ya, you know about this Kirby show, "Kirby: Right Back At Ya!"? Well your not going to believe this, but I farted! Wait, that was unrelated to the pasta! This doesn't make sense at all. Wait-What was I talking about? Oh yes. So one day, I was at this garage sale, and it sold many things, NES games, Unused Consoles in good condition, and so much stuff. But there was a VHS section, and I found a VHS that says "Kirby: Right Back At Ya Lost Episode!"

I then took the VHS in the counter and ask to buy it. They told me that it was haunted, and the writers commited suicide after making the episode. I then said "I don't freaking care you jerk." I then punched him in the stomach, and told him to make me buy the VHS. He then said yes, and took the money. (I didn't pay tax cause why the hell would be tax in garage/yard sales?)

I then went home to put my VHS into my player (It was a really good, working one. IDEK why there are good conditioned old things now.) There was no prolouge. I guess those Japanese writers were bored. The intro started off as normal, except that the colors were all red, and the sound was a little static and low pitched. The episode started off as normal. (BTW, before I bought the VHS, the person told me the title was Kirby Gets Killed, which I didn't even know why that would be on a kids TV show) Anyways, Kirby walks around town, and things started to get messed up. (cliche time!) Everything was hyper-realistic, all the characters had bloodshot eyes, and I heard voices like "You're going to die" and "Don't watch the episode" and "Please help." Then, All the characters came in, took knives, and everybody in the town died. Then King Dedede then came in and find out everyone's dead. So, he got whatever he want until Kirby came in and killed him. Then he fell down a cliff and died. And everyone died in the episode. Then, a message in japanese that said "あなたの後ろに見てはいけない." I translated it, and it said "DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU." I did and then a bomb came into my house and exploded and everybody died! Teh end.


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