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So one day, I was chilling, doing whatever, when my friend Frank messaged me "dood quick go on lol and type phreak death man". He was referring to League of Legends. I was bored, so I decided to go ahead and do it. I booted up League, and logged in. Once I was in, I typed phreak death man. The screen inverted. I laughed, messaging him "loool nice trick it inverts". He says "join a pvp game now so you can see what i saw dood hes coming for me hes combhgnnnnnnnnnnn-". My blood froze. What?! I assumed this was a joke, and typed "Frank, you there?". No reply. I went ahead and got into a LoL game. As soon as I got in, I knew something was wrong. Everyone's name was "SERVANT _", with a certain number after SERVANT. They all instant locked, and that's where I freaked out. The line up was Katarina, Gragas, Ryze, and Gangplank. They all were sad, as if they lost a friend, and had hyper-realistic, blood-shot eyes. I timidly clicked Lee Sin, and locked in, something I would regret. As soon as the game finished loading, I went down the bot lane. The announcer had a different voice, a scratchy, demonic, deep voice, and as she said "Minions have spawned", I nearly cried of fear. I knew something was wrong, so I tried to close the window. It didn't work. The minions came, and I saw that they were all black, regardless of team. My jaw dropped when I saw our opposing laners. Phreak and Pendragon. And I don't mean their names, I mean their models were literally themselves. As soon as they popped up on screen, they typed "PREPARE TO DIE, YOU NEVER SPENT MONEY ON RP". I quickly typed "pls ill buy rp". They said "ITS TOO LATE, THIS IS RIOT, AND WELCOME TO DIE!!!!!!!!". The next thirty minutes went by as a seemingly normal LoL game, except all the creepy stuff. I was actually winning, and killed off their inhibitor. They typed "YOU WILL NOT WIN, WE ARE COMING TO YOU IN ONE HOUR TO KILL YOU RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW". My computer shut off, and died. As I am typing this, they are breaking down the door. They're coming up the stairs, remember, ALWAYS buy RP, or Phreak and Pendragon will come to kill you! That's what happened to me and Frank. They're breaking the door down, as I type this. This is a message to all you peoplhnjbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb BUY RP BUY RP BUY RP BUY RP BUY RP BUY RP BUY RP

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