LazyTown: The Truth

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LazyTown, you may know this show as an attempt to get children to be active. There is more to this though. The show actually centers around an obese lethargic girl named Stephanie. She was bullied in college about her weight. She also was a control freak. One day she was leaving university after being bullied like normal when two creeps had stalked her and brought her into an alley. They had brutally beat her in a rage causing serious long term damage, then released her. One was an athletic French-man, the other was a lazy American. After the traumatic experience, she tried to forget it and all other worries by indulging in food. That food had affected her diabetes which was unknown to her seeing as her parents didn't take her to be checked out. She shortly after went into a diabetic coma.

In the coma, she created her own world, LazyTown. In that world, she was the skinny girl she wanted to be, and was never bullied. Her friends were represented as puppets, because she wanted to control them and have them cater to her every whim. It was her control freak side that made them that way. Her other 'friend' was that same French-man. He was given a name, Sportacus. He was the embodiment of one of the creeps. He also had a blimp which represented his candy van. The reason he was a friend is she had been really attracted to him after the violent beating. The other creep was represented as Robbie, a lazy man who always schemes to thwart Sportacus. He tried to thwart Sportacus because during the beating, Robbie only got her face, and Stephanie used braces. He lived underground in a trash-hole to represent his home country USA.

Here she is happy, in her own world never to care again.

This is her world and she controls it. As she thinks it should be.

Written by Cody3433
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