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Remember as a kid you used to think that your toys came to life and your parents would tell you to stop dreaming. Well one of my toys did come to life but it wasn't as pleasant as I thought it would be as a kid.

It was my 9th birthday, I got plenty of presents that year, I loved Lego, I had all the kits from all the series, from Lego Star Wars to Lego City so as you can imagine, I got lots of Lego for my birthday, I received plenty of kits, some I had and some new ones that I didn't have but then something else.

At the end of the day my dad handed me a Lego minifig or minifigure, It was a man who looked like a train conductor, I didn't recognize it from any kits so I assumed that it might be old, I didn't take much notice of it afterwards and that night I put it by my bed, my mum put me to bed that night but I couldn't sleep, I felt a strong feeling of fear that seemed to get stronger and stronger, I thought about the minifig then I looked at it and noticed something that scared me... it's face had changed!

No longer was it's face plain but now it had a strange twisted smile and its eyes were red, glowing red, had the paint somehow rearranged itself on the face, no, that would be impossible, I didn't know how it happened but I got more scared the more I thought about it so I hid under my bed sheets then I heard a voice, a dark, eery voice "Playtime! Time to come out child!", I stayed dead still and didn't even breath for that moment, "I know you're there! I won't hurt you! It's my job to make children happy!", the voice said once more.

I worried and wondered what to do, should I come out and face my fears or stay where I am and let this toy torment me? I slowly rose from under the bed sheets and closed my eyes tightly. "Ah, there you are, nice to see your lovely face! now let the playing begin!", I stayed still and for a short while there was silence but I could just about hear the strange minifig walking off, opening my door and walking out, I was still too petrified to open my eyes then I heard the haunted minifig return I finally opened my eyes just in time.

There in front of me was the minifig, alive, holding a knife, a proper knife from the kitchen I kicked him off then stomped on him on the floor, breaking him in the process, I went to my Parent's bedroom to tell them but they were gone, gone from existence, I haven't seen them since. I know that minifig was possessed by an evil spirit.

Credited to Ashreddy
Originally uploaded on March 20, 2013

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