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This page is not safe for work or school. The content of this story is not suitable for some audiences, and may be inappropriate to view in some situations.
...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

Hello, everyone, I am posting this to tell you about a game experience that I could not comprehend.

Do you remember the game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? The game that you control Link in the land of Hyrule? If you do, there is something that I didn't know could happen. I was playing a ROM version of Ocarina of Time because I didn't know where my game system was. I looked around the internet for hacks I could put on a copy of the game. Soon, I found a hacking website.

I looked around it. Nothing but hacks I already put in. I gave up until I scrolled up and saw a download link. It said, "Let's_Play.exe". Reluctant, because of reading the creepypastas about this, I chose it to see what would happen. It downloaded and soon opened up the copy of my Ocarina of Time game.

The opening was normal. I soon opened up the selection screen. There were two file names; "Let's Play", and "Link.exe". I chose Link.exe. It opened up to the Fire Temple. Link looked like he did, so I explored through the temple. Soon, Link started to get fire on his body. He started to immolate, going down to one heart. The screen turned black and went back to the title screen.

The file was replaced by the name "JEFFREY". I picked that file name. Soon, it said, "Hahahahaha, the man who made this liked Jeff the Killer, so this will be fun." It soon turned into Kokiri Forest. Link looked as if he was in his 20s. He had a knife, and when I turned him around, he looked exactly like Jeff the Killer. I was aware of what happened, and I corelated this to the Fire Temple and this Jeff the Killer Fan. I went around Kokiri Forest and found Saria's House. I went inside.

Saria was inside of the house. She looked scared. Soon, a cutscene showed Link cutting off Saria's dress and holding the knife up to her. The scene soon discipated. Link came out of the house. I decided to go back in. I saw Saria on the floor, trembling, still naked. She said, "G-get away from me, JEFF! Isn't beating me enough?" Soon, Link...or JEFF, went out. The screen faded to black.

The selection screen popped up again. I chose Let's Play. I continued at Zora's Domain. I saw that Link still looked like Jeff the Killer. I talked to a Zora, and he said, "J-just take her, and leave us alone!" I went up to where Ruto would be, and she stared at me. I came up and JEFF stabbed Ruto, too. The screen faded to black.

JEFF was now at Lon Lon Ranch. Malon stared at him, too. Suddenly, she started to run, but JEFF caught her. He told her this, "You are very beautiful, Malon. I could kill you, or you can voluntarily have sex!" A "Yes" or "No" popped up. Apparently, I was Malon, and I chose Yes. The screen faded to black.

The selection screen popped up again. It now showed "3 Years Later" and "JEFF SHOULD SHOOT HIMSELF". I chose the first. It literally said, "3 Years Later". JEFF was 24, looking like adult Link. He had the same look. I went to Lon Lon Ranch, and Malon looked very scared. I saw another child, and it looked like her daughter. Same was when I visited Kokiri Forest and Zora's Domain. JEFF looked sad. He soon said, "Just pick the last one." The screen faded to black.

The selection screen had one thing, "JEFF SHOULD SHOOT HIMSELF". I chose it. It was no control, just a cutscene. It showed JEFF with a gun, and then other scenes flashed of Ruto's son, Saria's daughter, and Malon's daughter playing. JEFF started to cry, exclaiming, "I could have been normal. I could have been like everyone else. What should I do? Please, player. Please, just tell me. Do you think I deserve to shoot myself?"

A yes or no popped up. I chose No. He said, "Just tell me the truth. Should I shoot myself?" I chose No, again. He cocked the gun and asked me again, "Tell me the truth, player. TELL ME!" I started to cry. I could imagine a nice man having a loving family. He would say "Hi" to his daughter. I imagined him to hug his daughter, and at night, kiss her good night. I imagined JEFF to have a loving family at Lon Lon Ranch.

I realized I had to stop him, and I told him, "JEFF, don't shoot yourself. You can be normal. Please! Don't shoot yourself. You can stop it right now. I don't want to see you die, I want to see you with a family."

JEFF smiled and said, "Thank you, player. You stopped me. Thanks for bringing me to realization." His face soon turned back to Link's and I cried tears of joy. The last thing he said was, "I will live with Malon and Lily. Thank you, player, and look at the screen."

The screen went back to the selection screen. It now said, "JEFF AND FAMILY". I pressed it and it showed JEFF with Malon and Lily. Lily looked 9 years old, and JEFF and Malon were looking outside the window, but then they turned their heads and looked at me. JEFF said, "Thanks for telling me to live with them." Malon then said, "You are the one who fixed him." Soon, Lily came in, JEFF and Malon hugged her and they all looked at me and happily smiled. I soon printed out a picture of them...

I hope that you can read all of this, because I just have looked at your accounts and IP addresses by then. I see you, [insert name here] right now...

Sincerely, Seth

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