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Okay, so to start off when this happened I was young and a little girl and this started before his death. Sonic R was the favorite between my cousins and I. To be honest it made me happy until I decided to turn away and slam the door (hah frozen reference) because then ill never have to deal with him again. Here is my story.

It was Christmas Eve 2005, and we had the party at my cousin's house all we do there normally is just play video games until 2 in the morning, than sleep and play more games after breakfast( we stilll do that now ). I was the youngest back then so I got to pick the game. I decided on Sonic R. It was only 90% so I badly wanted to beat the game. I didntt think that the Tails Doll was actually evil. I was wrong. I finally beat the game after a few hours(with the help of my cousins who did most of the work for me), but something did not look right. The cursed doll was in front of us where I could see him. I was only a five year old so I decided to hug it. The doll was in my arms until it used it's claws to scratch me. I had a scar in a spot under my chest and I still have it today, but thats the reason why I hate bikini season. Anyway I ran to the guest room because it has a Swiss army knife.I grabbed it and my Sonic that I left at their house. I gave the knife to my cousin and hugged my Sonic. My cousin took my plush and said Sonic the Hedgehog in Japenese, then the doll disappeared. A lot of years later I decided to beat the game again because I accedentally wiped out the memory. It was a Saturday night and I was all alone. I finished the last 5% of the game. He came back. I took my Sonic and said his name in Japenese. He went away again, but I know that he will be back. I was told to burn the game, but I didn't and I dont think I ever will.

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