Little Deadferno

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One night, i was reading some creepypastas when suddenly, for no belivable reason, an ad popped up on my screen!

It was about this new game called "Little Deadferno" made by the people who made world of goo (i forgot the names). I clicked on it and was brought to a blank page with a download link for the game. I downloaded it and played the game.

The first thing that i saw was two pupilless children standing in a burning house (BTW all of this was hyper realistic). They then started to sing, it went like this.

" Little deadferno, we'll murder you and haunt your dreams, it's little deadferno just for me."

It was so scary i pooped my pants. But then suddenly.. the heads of the two children flew out the screen and started to float about... oh and also a skeleton popped out too just for shits and giggles. 

Then one of the children ripped my face off and they both ate me to death.


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