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Use this wacky Mad Lib to make your own Lost Episode creepypasta! Note: will not end up being a good creepypasta.

The Mad Lib

Do you like (the TV Show)?

Well, I used to like it, but now I don't really like it. It was because of an experience with a VHS tape.

It was just an ordinary day. I was watching (another TV show). All of a sudden, I heard a knock at the door.

I opened it, and I saw nobody there. All I saw was a VHS tape.

This wasn't your regular VHS tape. It was red and had the words "(the TV Show) Episode (spooky number): (Spooky title)" sloppily written on it.

Being a (curse word that is often used to describe a stupid person), I put it in my VHS player.

It showed the (Home Media Distributor) logo in a red tint. It then cut straight to the episode. There were no advertisements or FBI warnings.

The intro was normal. When it showed the episode actually started, it got worse.

(TV Show Character #1) was sitting in (his or her) room. All of a sudden, (He or She) gained hyper-realistic bloodshot eyes. (He or She) then sprinted out the room and grabbed a gun which was just... there.

We then cut to (TV Show Character #2), who is (action that character likes to do). (He or she) then sees (TV Show Character #1), who says "Are you ready to die?"

(TV Show Character #2) runs away, but then (TV Show Character #1) catches up to (her or him) and kills (her or him).

We then cut to (TV Show Character #1) crying. (TV Show Character #3) then comes in and asks (TV Show Character #1) what's making him cry. (TV Show Character #1) says "I just killed someone, and I didn't want to..."

(TV Show Character #3) suddenly grins, and he gains razor sharp teeth and then proceeds to scream this in his ear:


(TV Show Character #3) then (verb) him, and (TV Show Character #1) dies.

And then, the other inhabitants of (Place that the show takes place in) died their own terrible death, each death lasting ~6.66 minutes.

It then cut to the credits. I was scared out of my mind. I then proceeded to call (studio that made the TV Show) about (Spooky title), and they said that they made it as a series finale, but ended up being scrapped.

That is why I am not a fan of (the TV Show) anymore. If you see (Spooky title) on any physical medium, BREAK IT IMMEDIATELY. If it's digital, report it!

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