Lost Gold

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i have been a fan of pokemon when i was so little but when i growed up i went on ebay and i saw somethin said a Lost Gold there was been no bidders i buyed it for like 10.000 dollars i was getting it for my son he liked pokemon the new generations of pokemon now heres here the stories of my kid now.

i was playing pokemon that my mom gave me it said lost Gold. when the intoduction was done it send me to a random room.when i go to my trainer the name said ??? and the money was 9999999 and he had 23 bbadges i thought it was hacked but maybe back then he was a hardcore player.

i looked at my pokemon there were 3 unown and 3 ghost pokemon. there was haunter and mismagius and duskull i looked at the profiles of the 3 unown i wasnt good at my spelling at my time i spelled it out there was a d and i and a e that spelled die that was weird what kind of kids game does that. i ignored it then and continued the game i could not find a exit i found a ladder but it was in the left corner wall it was hidden i thought of when i went in it theres a chilling sound i thought it was my radio i checked i didnt had a radio when i turned down the sound it went back up when it was muted i said well i gotta live with it. i saw a sign and i read it it said turn back now i clicked yes and it said Haunter died thats weird ghost pokemon cant die i look in my pokemon it said died in each unown that was a extra unown from now were. then i was in a weird graveyard i kept going in a cirle then it made the escape rope animation then i went back to my pokemon and activated flash from duskull and then another thing said mismagius died i said another one died. i looked at my pokemon again i looked at the unown it said Leave than somethin killed me and that was it then it said duskull died and then the unown said im dead i turned off the game and throwed it and i hided it somewere in my house it was like a nightmare.

thank you guys for reading this is my first creepypasta story

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