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So the other day I went to my intern job at Pixar animation studios. When I got out of bed that morning I noticed my cat was lying dead in my living room. So I put him in the garbage, got in my car and drove away. Halfway there I ran out of gas, so I grabbed my bike out of the trunk which I conviniently left in there, and rode it to the studio. Then I ran over a nail and popped a tire, so I walked the rest of the way. I arrived there pretty late, but I got all my work done for the day. Then when it was time for us to go home, John Lasseter called me and a few other interns to screen a new short that they were working on. After about a half hour, he ejected the tape from the VCR and met with me in private. He told me he didn't want the other interns to see the rest of it, and asked me to watch it at home. As he handed me the tape, I noticed that it was labeled 7G06. Then I got in my car and drove home, narrowly avoiding a freak accident in which ten people were killed, the blood splatter on the ground spelled out 666. When I got home, I popped the short in my DVD player, and resumed it from where I left off. Then there were a bunch of photos of dead people (insert cliche gore description here), then the Lavender Town theme started playing, then Squidward appeared on the screen and told me to kill myself, then I looked over to my right and saw that Bart Simpson's corpse was lying on the couch next to me, then I looked over to my left and saw the Ben statue standing in the corner of the room, then he said his famous line "You shouldn't have done that", then I looked ahead of me and saw Jeff the killer standing in front of me, and he said his famous line "Go to sleep", then Slenderman came out of nowhere and started raping me with his tentacles, then I fought them off with my demonically enhanced psycic powers that I didn't even know I had, then my VCR caught fire and the following Michael Bay-esqe explosion killed them all. The next thing I new it was one year later and I was committed into a mental institution. So I broke out, went to my house, swallowed a bottle of pills, killed my cat, then hung myself. Since then I could never play A Link to the Past again.

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