Lucid Dreams

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Dreams. What exactly are they? I mean sure, you can tell me the definition of dreams, and you can tell me what you had a dream about last night. However, can you tell me why we have dreams? Nobody can exactly pinpoint why they occur. Some say that they are meant to prepare oneself for the future. Some say that they are the product of the brain organizing memories, and then trying to produce a comprehensive story. Some people take this to a new level, with lucid dreams. Basically, people realize they are dreaming while still stuck in a dream, giving them the ability to control their dreams. I decided to conduct a short interview with a man who has had a lucid dream gone wrong, but... perhaps I found out more than I should have.

The Interview

Me: Hello, Damien.

Damien: Hello. 

Me: So, I've heard you had a lucid dream that was a bit... unusual lately?

Damien: Yes ma'am.

Me: Would you like to tell me about it?

Damien: I'd rather not... but I suppose I will.

Me: What did the dream start with?

Damien: Typical choice of a lucid dream, fighting off ninjas, you know, stuff like that.

Me: I see.

Damien: Then... out of the corner of my eye. I see this... figure. It was sort of like a shadow, it had a long face... long arms, claw like. It had glowing red eyes. It terrified the hell out of me.

Me: And then what happened?

Damien: It got closer... it went over to me... and touched me with his claws. It was at this point where I could no longer control the dream.

Me: What happened after that?

Damien: It... clawed my face off. Horribly mutilating it. My flesh was flying off my body at rapid movement. Chunks of my skin were being ripped off painfully. I could FEEL it being ripped off. I could fucking FEEL it.

Me: Then what?

Damien: The figure ripped off my limbs, face, and took out all of my eternal organs. It devoured them with it's extremely sharp teeth and long mouth.

Me: What happened when you woke up?

Damien: I noticed that my bedspread was covered in cum. It was one hell of a wet dream.

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