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Hi my name is Thomas. I like the Mega Man series! I really do! Believe me! I've played them all! No really, guys!

Anyway, I was sitting and playing Mega Man LEGENDS On my playstation. (I liked how you could explore the areas) When out of my ear I spotted the UPS Bro drop something at my doorstep. I put the game on pause and rushed to see what was up. It was a package from my friend DYLAN! I hadn't heard from him in months! I opened it up and inside was a case and a note that said

"thomas plz help bro, he wants to kill me. im not going to tell you his name because that would break your curiosity, and the story wouldn't have a plot! burn the SHIT OUTTA DIS DISC!"

That was strange but i just threw it away, Dylan up to his old tricks again! I wonder why I haven't heard from him. Anyway, the disc was just a blank CD, but in RED Sharpie, 

"MEGA-MAN.EXE" Was written on it. This was strange, I couldn't even comprehend how strange this was. Mega Man should be two words, not hyphenated! But when I saw the words "Mega Man" I got so excited and went to go play it on my laptop.

When I looked at the files, I found it strange that the file "MEGA-MAN.exe" was 66.6 MB. But my computer could hold that much space! When I started it, The Mega Man 2 Title screen popped up! Yeah! A Classic game! But this was strange because when I pressed start the Screen turned RED. And Mega Man turned Purple and GREEN, And BLOOD Was coming out of his eyes. There was a loud SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH And it broke my ears! Then a new screen popped up with the purple/green Mega Man and it said: "I AM MAGGAMAN, THOMAS. YOU ARE DISGUSTING AND IM GOING TO EAT YOU." This was strange. So then he came out of the computer and charged his mega buster. How cool! I remember when you could do that in the game! He's aiming it at me! Is he going to shoot! He better NOtjigr]aieva8dfshgaiern


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