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I didn't actually expect this to be good. This was some really good shit that I thankfully saved here after 32784 morbillion minutes while watching the movie Morbius (2022).

Chapter 1: MAR

the image that was saved to the desktop

I don't know where this image came from, it was something else. This morbid file name was actually called "MAR.jpeg" when the looks of it is a terrible-horrid quality of a SUPR SKAREY image. It was nothing but there's some lore to it. Expect a poorly-edited image of MARIO. This is something cryptic because it was connected between MAR.jpeg and IO.jpeg and these are the only images remaining. Not going to lie but these are mysteriously old and vaguely cryptic. I didn't expect this image of MARIO. I actually pointed out what was it. I tried converting this image into a .zip file but there's an error. WinRAR says me that "the archive is either in unknown format or damaged." because it's corrupted and that is not the worst of it. The real worst thing is the fact that some random dingly dangly doodly shit is somehow hidden and originated from a website that I don't remember that fact that can't find this website.

The website originated leads me to an error but however I have seen something that are the lines of "MAR" and that wasn't the case. The real website contained a dark background and instantly gave me 3 files for nothing. The files associated were MAR.jpeg, IO.jpeg and MAR.exe which were the only files were downloaded in my desktop. Damn this was lucky because when I reloaded the page, it seems like the website was updated to NOT INCLUDE DOWNLOADS. However the website had white paragraph that said something by the lines of "MAR" and this wasn't just an "ordinary website against familiar hills isn't it?". It seems like I wasn't giving control over this website. To be honest if they have enough L33T to break into this. I was genuinely scared to see the second file.

However IO.jpeg was actually a corrupted .jpeg file when I open it but this wasn't just a regular .jpeg file for displaying .jpeg images, instead, it's just a 1KB .jpeg file with NOTHING inside. I was astonished to see everything in this file. Exactly 324235 morbillion seconds later, I wanted to check this file called MAR.exe and it was nothing but RANSOMWARE. Apparently it replaced all my icons with the same MAR.jpeg image, the taskbar was gone, and the wallpaper was all black. The icon for the file was the exact same as the MAR.jpeg file, and I saved it luckily, it was titled MAR.ico which the file had the same name as MAR.jpeg, but in icon form. It's not worth it here. The mystery isn't solved yet but there is still more to come.

Chapter 2: MARI

This cursed file isn't worth it. THIS SHOULDN'T BE THE END OF THIS SKAREY COPYPASTA Because if you scroll the very bottom of this page, there's a code that you enter, and if you refresh the page, the site was updated again, and gave me a file known as BASE64.txt. The file here reads as TUFSSU8gSVMgREVBRC4 which is the code, it was in base64 and it reads out MARIO IS DEAD, but after I refreshed the page one morbillion times, I scrolled to the very bottom of this page, again, but this time, I pasted the code from the file, and then it gave me a download.

The file was called MARI.nes. Weirdly enough it didn't work and I can't open this stupid file. Until I downloaded FCEUX. I opened the file, but It says that the file was invalid or corrupted. There's a catch to this.

If you rename the file to MARIO.nes, you might actually start up the game properly. This time I pressed "enter" to start the game. Upon reaching World 1-1, the graphics for this thing got glitched, but at the end of the level, there's a pipe that leads you to World -1. This time, it's not a stupid underwater level, it's just a black background with the same MAR.jpeg image, but quantized to fit with the color palette. I pressed the right arrow key to move, however, 5 morbillion seconds later, there's text that actually said "MAR", much like the MAR.jpeg file. First I noticed it was a weird level, because of all the weird aspects. 20 morbillion seconds later, time's running out. I can't believe my lives were changed to 3 to 0. The camera is locked. I can't believe I was losing. I pressed Ctrl + R which actually did a reset. I noticed when I go to 1-1, it's the same level with that pipe at the end of the level. I tried to find a level select cheat, and I activated the cheat, then I pressed Ctrl + R again. I selected World 1-2, but the level was actually empty considering the fact that World 1-2 isn't here. You die in a bottomless pit. I selected World 1-3, but actually World 1-3 failed to load, resulting in garbled tiles, much like the rest of all other levels except World 8-1. It worked fine. But I noticed 6 morbillion seconds later, there is text popping up. It said "ARIO", and it actually it is just a new mystery to what it is, right? Well shucks no! Because I pressed Ctrl + R again, then picked and stated World 8-2, it also worked fine as well. Noticed this level is different now. There's no enemies, and it's just an underground world with a warp zone which can lead you to World 8-3, where after 8 morbillion seconds of agony and misery while pressing the right arrow key, I know this is going to be true, there's text again, saying M A R I O S O without the spaces but 30 morbillion seconds of pain and agony running while pressing the D key, it actually stops. I pressed Ctrl + R to escape and I selected World 8-4, but it's the same World 8-4 level but the pipes were gone, until I reached the boss fight. It's a lot harder because it throws hammers and spits out fire way faster, making it difficult. I found an invincibility cheat and activated it. Finally after holding the right arrow key, the boss is gone. I touched the axe and it smashed the ground, and I run, but after I reached the end, there's no end. It just resets itself because it's broken and unfinished.

Chapter 3: ARIO

This is not the end of this mystery. 2 Missions complete and I do not have time to watch Morbius.

I closed FCEUX because all the other Worlds are the exact same garbled thing because I thought it looked unfinished. I do NOT want to see another scam made by the developer of the website. However, I refreshed the page and it showed text, but the background is changed red, and the text was on the top-right corner and it actually said ARIO. I just wondered why this website still exists because it still instructs me how to solve a mystery. That was complicated but I refreshed the page and it had 3 download buttons which linked to 2 files:

  1. ARIO0.exe - Completely a trojan that hacked my MFGG (Mario Fan Games Galaxy) account. Thankfully I didn't open this soon after. What it does is that it changes my profile picture to the same MAR.jpeg image seen earlier and my username is changed to ARIO. Changing your password fixes this, but lucky enough I didn't fell for it.
  2. - A common package file that stores a file named ARIO.exe.

ARIO0.exe is obviously a scam which hacks your MFGG account. It's unclear if some users fell for it because they never visited this website. After I opened with WinRAR, and I noticed ARIO.exe is still there. I opened it and it is a command prompt written in Visual Studio but it requires the ARIO0.exe file so I downloaded it and never clicked it. The only commands discovered are:

  • help - shows a basic list of commands
  • cth run - pops out 2 lines that actually said RUN and NEVER HIDE. This also closes the command prompt and runs the ARIO0.exe file. I never typed this command but I don't want to enter.
  • cth code - tells you to enter a code. There are 3 codes. One of them will open the ARIO0.exe file so be careful with this one.
  • run - same problem as cth run but I didn't enter it.
  • git bash - This is different but it requires the Git Bash software to download. What it does is that it forces Git Bash to print out stuff like RUN.

These are all of the commands that I can find though. I refreshed the page and it showed all 3 codes that I can enter. The first code is the code that opens the ARIO0.exe file. I never entered it. The second code doesn't work because it isn't programmed in yet. The third and final code worked. It prints out a message that actually says WELL DONE which means I did finish this. 6 morbillion seconds later, it closed itself without errors. The first code is named 2443242, the second code is 7457236 and the third and final code that you can successfully enter is 4519536. It is kind of strange what they mean but when refreshing the page, it hinted at a new task that I should follow.

Chapter 4: RAM

This is still not the end of this mystery. I still do not have much time to watch my favorite movie that made me chill.

When I reloaded the page, it said RAM, which is a reversed version of MAR. I am not scared or anything but to know, I refreshed the page, and I did not expect this. I don't hate the fact that this shook me off because there's some files that downloaded me that said RAM0.bat, and RAM.nes. This is kind of cursed because it's not just the exact same MARI.nes file. And you don't want to rename it to actually work. RAM0.bat is basically a .bat file which does nothing but opens the MAR.jpeg image. To make it work, it must require the MAR.jpeg image to work. I opened FCEUX, again, to run this stupid RAM.nes file, actually, there's no title screen.

I pressed enter, and the game leads me to World D-E which was the same level as World 1-2, but instantly teleports you to the Warp Zone. You can pick Worlds A-D, 6-6 and N-O. World A-D is connected between World D-E which spells out DEAD. World A-D was a endless level. There's no HUD. I pressed the right arrow key and the D key to run. The palette is swapped. The background is changed and the background stopped moving. There is a sun, shining in this background. I know it was terrible because I do not hustle on this mystery. This is just dog water. World 6-6 is also endless. Unlike world A-D, there's no HUD, the background stopped moving and the palette is swapped. I do not want to watch Morbius. And after 4 morbillion seconds of agony and pain, there is text that says DO NOT BE AFRAID. The camera locks. The timer is set to 10. My lives are set to 0. 10 morbillion seconds later, I died, and the game over screen is still here. No music or anything, just a soft-lock. The only way to get out is to do Ctrl + R.

World N-O is exactly the same as World A-D and World 6-6. Just nothing, no zilch. The palette is black and yellow. and 6 morbillion seconds later there is text that said IRAM. It could be a new mystery that is different than the other 4 mysteries. There's nothing much going on so I used the level select cheat to get back through 1-1, though there is nothing to be expect. It's an endless loop of 1-1, though the flagpole is still here. That's crazy and really SKAREY. I know this was a thing. World 1-2 is the same endless loop as World 1-1. Just nothing but the pipe at the end is still here, which leads you to World 8-4 instead of the end of World 1-2. World 8-4 isn't just a generic castle level, but it's actually a very difficult castle level. The palette for the blocks were all red and dark red. My lives were changed to 0. There's no power-ups, one hit deaths and you lose. I activated the invincibility cheat, and it worked. I traversed all across this level, and at the end, there's no boss, touching the axe leads you to World A-D. That is strange because he programmed to be a thing. World 1-3 isn't a garbled level, instead all the blocks were red and dark red. The background is green for some reason and it could be the fact it's supposed to be a swamp level but it's demonic. The rest of the levels I enter crashes and soft-locks the game except for 1-4. It's an endless and difficult castle level unlike World -1, but after 6 morbillion seconds of holding the right arrow and pressing the D key, there's text that appeared that said RASHES. This could be the fact that the creator of the website had a surgery.

Chapter 5: IRAM

The last mystery. I was really close to the end, but it was extremely difficult. I was snapped because I can't watch Morbius in peace.

I closed the emulator, and refreshed the page. The page was constantly updating. There's one last mission to complete. A file that was called IRAM.sln, and another one that was called IRAM.txt. The instructions were written in German, but I translated to get the following results.

To setup this software, you may copy additional code from the txt file. Then write private void IRAM to make it work. Then you need to copy the file in the zip file which is known as IRAM0.cs. Then to setup, you need o click on the "Build" button. This will build a simple command prompt. You can add your own commands with different functionalities. Type "help" to see a list of commands. Some commands are secret so be careful while doing something that is not true.

Well the thing is, I followed the "Instructions" to see how can I set up. It created a file known as IRAM.exe. I opened it and it's a command prompt. Nothing much except there is a secret command. The commands are:

  • run - same problem as ARIO.exe
  • build - duplicates the IRAM.sln file.
  • 7 build - same thing as build.
  • help - gets a list of commands.
  • dead357 - a secret command that can't be entered or it had no function whatsoever.

I reloaded the page again. This time it asks you for a password before you can enter. Entering a password downloads a file known as IRAM.pdf. The file was written in German when I checked the file but that's the best that I can translate:

One wrong move, and you could die. Others will know about you having to kill your pc. But it's not necessary so I should take down this website later. I will update this website one last time before I will make this page nonexistent. Just see what they do to all the MFGG users. I don't have an account, nor any fangames that I have created. I was, deep brained and having a little rash and pimples. I got to the doctor to see my skin and my brain. It was uncomfortable. My doctor gave me treatments and operations to complete my surgery. I did not took photos. I was crying in pain for what could have been it. Thank you for reading this.

So this guy behind the website is having a surgery? I was confused, and that was disgusting. I refreshed the page one last time and still can't watch Morbius in peace. There's this text that actually said the true end comes here and it downloaded me a file known as IRAM.nes. I know but the fact that it's not the same thing as MARI.nes and RAM.nes. All the other levels crashed and soft-locked the game. Only 1-1 worked. This time, it's a really difficult and endless level. I activated the invincibility cheat, and there was text after 4 morbillion microseconds which actually said THE END IS NEAR. The rest of it was endless. I can't take it anymore because I don't want to have dingly doodly dangly shit that night. It's therapeutic and innerving and the fact that it's endless, and I closed the emulator. I refreshed the page one last time and it gave me a "Page does not exist" error. I know the fact that the creator was sent to the hospital and had rashes and a deep brain, but this isn't the end. I refreshed the page one last time and it showed the date that the creator got to the surgery. It was 6/2/2015 which means that he called the ambulance at February 5th, 2015. And then the operation finished at February 7th, 2015. Then the creator of this said website just emailed me on MorbMail which is based on Morbius and it's refutable. It sent me a fixed version of this said rom but only World 1-2 was fixed. Apparently it's a really difficult underground level that can be completed but it isn't. The game crashes if you touch the flagpole.

I do not want to have skeletons in my pocket anymore, I was just confused why this website was taken down by the creator, I guess is this the end or the creator was too lazy to update this 213124832 MILLION TIMES?

The mystery is now solved. Thankfully I was now able to watch Morbius over and over again until I was a true Morbius Fan. I can't handle this shit anymore.

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