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Since i was 6 i always enjoyed playing mario 64 for the DS even though the game as origionaly a nintendo 64 game but anyway, I was so thrilled when i reached th final boss... I beat him within minets of beggining the level and then went on to play different games and started to get more attached to the nintendo wii

Years later when i was an adult i was walking home after a awsome party when i noticed a old man standing out in the rain by himself i approached him...Big mistake, i asked him what he was doing, he said that he was having a yard sale i looked at the small desk in front of him and noticed a mario 64 game rembering all the fun i had playing that game i dessided to buy it. When i reached home i dug up my DS and popped the game into the cartridge. i started to play... it took me 2 days to complete the game as i already knew what to do. but as the finnal boss fell to his knees and the end cutsene began to play it wasnt mario getting kissed but instead luigi. I passed it off as a glitch as it as bootleg. the next day i retturned to the game the nect day to ern more stars but i was not in conntroll of the game... mario walked towards luigis room and upon entering the screen cut to black. i heard an ear pearcing scream. then mario left the room coverd in blood an holding luigis head... a text box popped up saying go to peach and it would not dissapear until i did so... mario walked towards peach and then the screan cut to blak once again another terrifying scream then a text box appeard saying TOADS NEXT he walked to toad and by now i was realy disturbed the same thing that happend to peach and luigi happend to toad when the screen reapered toad was fone but in his place was a pach of blood then a text box saying YOUR NEXT

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