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One day Microsoft released a hunk of shit console called the XBOX ONE. The EXBOOX ONE is the third XBOX to ever be made (dafuq? wherez da logic in da name?) ANYWAY BACK TO DA STORY. THe XBOX ONE was released, and had the same amount of sales as the WII U. Tha XBOX ONE has this crazy shit feature where if you buy a preOWNED game you have to pay a fee (what the fuck u bin smoking MANKYSOFT?) People couldn't be bothered paying the stupid fucking preOWNED fee and they were outraged when they couldn't play their DREAMCAST gamz without paying £600. Also the XBOX SHIT has no compatibility with old XBOX 360 games... all d fanboys started a flame war but MICROSNFT went bankrupt before shit started to get crezzy and the always online SERVERS were shut down. All the XBOX ONEZ were useless so everyone burnt them and bought Playstation 4s. End.

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