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I've been playing minecraft for a while now and I am so disturbed by what i saw I have sold my accountsomebody

It all started a few weeks ago when i was looking on the web looking for hacked clients for minecraft when i came across a website. The background was black; the URL had dissapeared and it had a link. Falling for the link: I pressed the link. The Link took me to a site. Wierdly my Pc started to freeze and lag. The Browser randomly dissapeared and it took me too my desktop. It had a folder called "DONOTENTER" I was confused because I never made a folder called "DONOTENTER" I entered it and found something disturbing.

Out of all the things that could be inside it, Guess what it was? Minecraft which was renamed too "exe.enirboreH" I was like WTF does that mean? seriously. What game name starts with exe? I booted the game up only to be seeing the minecraft Launcher but had the login buttons: "Name" "Middle Name" "Last Name" I thought. Oh this is just a hacked client and I'll be fine. I typed in my first, middle and last name and the game started. The logo was the mojang logo that just flew up to the screen, hit it and then blood went splatting down. This was very wierd. The main menu started and it was so wierd i pooped myself. The minecraft logo was destroyed and covered in mossy, Only Hyper Realistic... Herobrine appeared with a flash and I smashed my laptop with a hammer and threw it away... But on my wall there is 666 Wrote on it...

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