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Author's note: Hello, this will be my first attempt at a creepypasta. I figured, make a bad one intentionally, so you can laugh at it and see all of its mistakes. Again, intentionally bad.

Once up on a time their lived a man taht like d to play ches He liked to play chess "so much that one day he sed wHere are my chess" peices and decided to look for them. Wen he ddi not find them after 2 days of serching he disidid to make his ohn. hE sed il'l mak"e thEm owt of wood but he had no woood so" he said I'll make them out of stone so he got' rocks and made pans and brooks and creeks and kings and kweeens and thos horsy things but he missed them and them he said i MAKE LIVing 1s that hink 4 mee but his beasts cudnt move the rit wae so he chopped them and fed them to his horses then he make the horses do it but they cudlnt so he made spycrabs do it but tey cuodlnt so he made pootis do it but he couul;hdt do it so he made slendy do it but he koodnt do it so he sed hoomans plah chess so he got men and tied them up and he said "Play chess, you sons o' bitches!" And the men, not knowing the identity of there cap turd, plahed ches and the man was happy so he made a Youtube video of it but it got remooved so he killed the men in the most brutal way possible and that man is still out there looking 4 men 2 play chess.


Credited to VoRteX (STEAM) 

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